Memory technique for Accountant

My name is Kofi Baah. A student of Chatered Accountancy college and a beginner as an Account officer. I seek your help memory technique to study professional Accounting and pass. Also, i need help on memory technique to work wells as an accountant.

Thank you.

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Hi Kofi,

I would say that you should make acronyms of the Accounting terminology and also use mind maps.

Have you read the following books?:
The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne & Jerry Lucas
How to have a Perfect memory by Dominic O’Brien
Memory Power by Dean Vaughn…this is an older title, his newer title is the same book but in paperback forma.

If not…you should as the combination of all 3 books will give you more than enough info. to overcome any problems! :slight_smile:


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Thank you for the response. I will adhere to the instructions.