Memory star one day, defective memory the next day

This subject is one that is being discussed on another forum right now. I don’t particularly want to spend time on that other forum so I am just going to comment here. She, a world memory champion, said her memory works like lightening one day with no mistakes and the next day she can have poor results and even if she slows down her pace, the mistakes will still appear. She wonders if this is typical with other people. It does seem to be typical judging by the replies and then she wonders why that is.

So here is my comment to Yanja: I think we have different personalities that are similar and when we wake up some of our best memory personalities may stay asleep and we get to spend the day with our weak memory personality. I don’t think there is anything we can do about it but to hope that our sleeping star memory personality is really benefiting from its day off. Ha! Ha!

It happens to me even in different moments of the day… :wink:

An incredible amount of stress at work and worry over ill family members gradually affected me to the extent that I went to see a doctor to ask if I had had a stroke. We found that I had not lost my memory from physical cause, and (thank goodness for chance luck) I was able to manage my stress and worry to the extent that my memory is again as it was. Moral of this story is: Stress is bad.


My mental acuity is very variable. Some days I am sharp - other days, I shouldn’t be thinking at all.

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I also very clearly have days when everything works and days when everything collapses. I think usually if it starts off well it keeps on going well but if you start by messing up you really have to work to turn it around.

What is this other memory forum, btw? :slight_smile:

Having experienced this in severe form, the short term memory is very much affect by your physical condition. The short term memory is your scratch pad where you manipulate things to think about them. Normally it has a capacity of about 6 items but this declines when you are ill, tired, depressed… The Texans refer to it as being “Simpled out”

It feels like you’ve become stupid, but what it means is that you must go much slower and think about things in smaller groups. Your brain doesn’t know this and is trying to do its usual speed.

If you hike or exercise, pick a time when you are breathing hard and try to do a puzzle in your head, likely you will find the parts just fall away.