Memory speech

I’m writing and memorizing a speech about memory! I’m looking for advice on things I should cover ideas to convey analogies to use etc, so I can make this speech as good as possible! Thank you all!

analogies are too specific - focus on topic and bullet-point heading and then wander off to talk “freely” about each topic for 2-3 minutes and make some seamless transition in-between.

learned script works, i guess - but best is semi-free, you know you know what you want to say but you dont anker to any specific “fix points” (eg. metaphores, analogies, slang, way of saying and euphemisms).

try it on. i think you be good at it!

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There is a lot of advice—and lots of examples—for memorizing speeches. But I’d encourage you to watch a TED Talk on memory that Joshua Foer gave:

During the course of his presentation, which is very good in itself, Josh explains exactly how he used a memory palace to store the key points of his speech. (“Key points” because no one wants to hear a speech that was memorized verbatim.)

As for analogies: As another person has responded, those are going to need to be personal to you and to your specific audience(s). That’s really the only way they’ll be natural and meaningful.

Josh’s approach requires that you know your material. Not the specific words you’re going to say—memorized in a specific order—but the actual material. That’s how you can speak conversationally without “ums” and “uhhs.” That’s also how you can memorize the outline of a speech without memorizing it word for word; if you know and are comfortable with the topic at hand, all you’ll need is a mental roadmap to take you through it logically, ensuring you make all the points you’re wanting to make.



Thank you all

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