Memory Related Youtubes In Danger?

I’ve just had an email from Anthony Metivier, @metivier , something which happens on an almost daily basis as he has a very active mailing list. Normally it is about some useful aspect of memory training and links to a video or podcast. HOWEVER this morning it was different and I shall simply reproduce it here in full as it is , I think, rather important for anyone interested in Memory:

You know how memory techniques require association, right?

For example, if you want to memorize a name like Joe, you might think of a G.I. Joe toy.

Well, ancient memory teachers are rolling in their graves right now because the FTC in the USA is going to fine YouTube creators around the world more than $40,000 every time they mention toys.

I’m not kidding.

The law is called COPPA.

And if you look at the vague description of the law, even mentioning Fred Rogers puts us at risk.

A bunch of YouTube creators have been speaking up about this dangerous law.

And I’ve summed up everything as it pertains to the teaching of memory techniques - by quoting Fred Rogers himself in today’s critically important video lesson:

COPPA: How Would Giordano Bruno And Fred Rogers Teach Memory Techniques in 2020?

Look, I understand if you’re only interested in memory techniques.

But I’m reaching out because we only get to have so much great teaching about the memory tradition on the internet because we’re currently free to talk about how they work.

If you’d like to see this teaching continue, now is the time to speak up and “stop” in the same way Mr. Rogers sang when he went before the US Senate.

And I don’t think I’m being dramatic when I say that if you don’t speak up as he did decades ago…

You’re going to have to hold your peace as laws like these grind your memory and ability to think critically into dust.

Now is the time to use your voice, so click here now to watch this video, share it around and get involved in the discussion.


Dr. Anthony Metivier

P.S. I’ll be back with you soon to offer another free memory training video, blog post or podcast…

I hope.

And if we can just band together when we collectively send this video to the FTC by commenting and hitting that thumbs up, I surely will.

P.P.S. Some of you may remember the cartoon I started called “Edgar vs. The Evil Dr. Forget.”

They both make a cameo in this video, something that is now supposedly not allowed - just as talking about G.I. Joe or Mr. Rogers is not allowed.

I will never be able to make a second episode of that cartoon if this law persists.

Now, truly is the time to act and express your displeasure to the FTC. There’s a petition to sign and the link to it is in the video description. Thank you for your support.


Thanks for sharing this.


I’m not sure if most channels are in danger of fines. Google got in trouble for “Alleged Violations of Children’s Privacy Law” by collecting too much data on kids. (COPPA itself has been around for 20 years.)

There’s also a problem with publishers who have been exploiting kid’s content on YouTube, sometimes with AI-created content that is designed to keep kids glued to the computer looking at nonsense. I’m sure that the situation could be handled better, but take a look at some of the examples in the video on this page to see what they are trying to address.

Edit: here’s a link to how it’s determined whether a video is intended for children:


That’s one way of making a huge amount of money faster than showing ads on youtube.
It seems so unfair that video creators/educators can not use certain words because they’ll get fined $s for it. If you typed in the search bar in youtube as “toy” there are millions of videos, so does that mean they’ll all have to pay up? What about the toy stores who make a lot of ads because they sell more toys at Xmas time than the rest of the year? What about the movies “toy story” series? If this is the case then are they not supposed to use the TV also because the word “toy” is right in front of your eyes?
Where is the freedom of speech?
It’s annoying and it’s unfair!

I like Metivier, and I am a subscriber, and I do follow him on his youtube. He often asks me if I any get any sleep or not because when he is live on youtube it’s always very late in the morning in the UK :slight_smile:

I really like the pace on the video and it is so professionally done with a lot of efforts.

I must admit there was times when I did fall asleep watching a few videos of Anthony as he usually speaks slow and his voice is very relaxing :slight_smile:
But with this video I did not miss a single word, it was so engaging, and this is the very first time I’ve seen Anthony talk so fast! But very clear as usual :slight_smile:


Thanks, @Josh.

How humans will determine things based on legislation is one level. I expect that robo-decisions are coming that will not reflect even the worst of human discernment. There are surely other levels to consider as well, and in the description of the video, I share some well-considered links from other intelligent YouTubers on the topic.

As I mentioned in my video, I’m all for stopping the egregious violations of piracy online, not just those of our younger citizens. I also mentioned the presence of all kinds of successful and scientific marketing of the past that had no need for such data to succee. Heck, we all owe a ton to Harry Lorayne and marketers of his era who did huge things for memory without all that private information.

Back to the link you shared, which I quote in the video (in part), I think it’s clear how any video with mnemonic examples worth their weight is in risk of being perceived as a violator.

Although I think its foolish to be overly concerned, it is also willfully ignorant not to think that sovereignty is coming for the internet at large next - including very potentially this forum. Perhaps my rhetoric was too subtle in the video when I mentioned Disney, Tom Hanks and the like… “Control,” as William S. Burroughs once noted, “seeks to control control.” There’s almost certainly a larger game at play here and the protection of children may be the mechanism by which the gatekeepers reassert their hold and impose the rules of network television online. The well-documented history of the 20th century media infrastructures of first world countries certainly suggest that is what’s “really” going on.

Even if I’m wrong (and hopefully I am), I’d rather say that I spoke up as a fool than regret not having lifted a finger.

Floreant Dendritae, as Tony Buzan would say. One of the last times he and I spoke, this current portrait was very far from the vision he had for the future of memory training online.

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Thanks for the kind words, @Erol.

Probably those older videos that put you to sleep were back when I was on medication. Somewhere on my YouTube history is the memory declaration of how I was going to work on my health so I didn’t need them anymore. So far I have enjoyed much more success and apparently more lively videos.

I don’t know how these fines are going to be applied, but it’s the implications of the legislation that matter and I’m not alone in spotting these obvious problems - problems that don’t need to go into action if people speak up.

I hope you followed the petition in the video description and can lend your support. As I hope is clear to everyone, if this succeeds with a platform like YouTube, it’s a slippery slope before it takes over other aspects of the net, which has already been damaged enough the last few years. I’ve been talking about it all along and am deeply saddened that worse things than I predicted have arisen on a nearly monthly basis.

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“may be the mechanism” ? It almost certainly will be . There’s that fake Hitler quote which sums it up nicely : " As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”