Memory recall


Hi guys,
I read that if we recall information 5 times, it sticks to our memory. But how do people do it without using SRS like Anki? Just curious. I know that we should recall immediately after learning then after 1 hour, then 1 day, then 1 week, then 3 months etc. But how to remember what to recall is the question I have :slight_smile:
Anyone with a solution or hack to it? Please let me know.


(Silvio B.) #2

Spaced repetition is extremely important to me.

I tend to forget the reviews though, so I sometimes put it in my calendar to remind me. I usually just recall the memory palace I used.

For example: I had to learn what the different departments of the Swiss Federal Administrative Court are responsible for.

Here‘s the facts:
Dep. I = infrastructure, environment, taxes, Federal Intelligence Service, personnel

Dep. II = economy, business competition, education

and so on for all 6 departements.

So i memorized in a palace exclusively for this subject:

There‘s a candle (for the dep. I) and on a train, next to it a tree where the leaves are falling off, someone takes money from others, some co-workes just standing around and a guy looking like a spy hiding and listening to what the people are saying. That‘s it for the first departement.

II = a swan (2) looking at a graph, behind him are two people in a tug war, and a student with the typical black robe throwing the hat in the air (don‘t know if that‘s just in american movies but it‘s what comes to my mind when I think about education xD).

I review that in my memory palace and try to think of the exact meaning of the things I had to learn so I can be sure that the images are useful.