Memory problems and how can I Improve it

Hi, I want to get better at english ( learn more vocabulary and gramatical rulles ) but my memory doesn’t retain that much. I spend a part of my day reading some things on english but still is hard for me to adquire new vocabulary and improve my english what should I do? Actually my goal is to improve my english and start re-learning french and in the future I want to learn german language. I don’t know how can someone someone read 1000 pages for university tests I mean… it’s too much information to retain and I already struggle to recall what I eat yesterday/today…

Well, start small and don’t rush. For vocabulary, start with 5 words or even 3 to 2 words a day. Then practice enough, when you feel like it’s too easy for you then just increase word count.

There are many threads in the forum for memorising vocabulary, It will be good if you check them out once.

Welcome to Art of Memory forum. Please learn to use the search feature of this forum which will reveal tons of forum threads which have resources related to your topic like this search for word vocabulary

Let me provide some resources which I usually use for my vocabulary study. You may want to try them to check how they can help you.

  1. Spaced Repetition has worked for many learners and may work for you also. Start using an app like Anki to create your own vocabulary deck and keep adding unknown words to your deck and learn them using the spaced repetition schedule provided by Anki
  2. Use Kindle like e-book reader to read non-fiction and fiction of your liking. These e-readers allow you to highlight and lookup the words not known. This way you get to add new words to your Anki deck.
  3. Use WordUp like apps which are designed to show you word meanings in reference to popular sitcoms and published news and articles, all such will be sources to know common words people are using day to day which are unknown to you
  4. Building a better Vocabulary from Great Courses is a fantastic course and way to learn words in their contextual groups. If you can get access to that course it is highly recommended, this course is also available with an Audible subscription.
  5. Play games from vocabulary building sites like which has a gamified way to teach words, these words can become your Anki deck source
  6. Major dictionary sites like The Free Dictionary and Merriam Webster provide a Word of the Day which can be learned one per day to keep adding to Anki deck

These are some quick points. This forum is filled with lot of information about building your vocabulary and you should be visiting all those pages for more information.