Memory pegs

I have just finished expanding my original set of 100 memory pegs to 400 pegs using a combination of different systems.

ie 1 -200 number shapes/association
201 - 400 the “major” system.

I developed pegs 1 -100 about 10 years ago.

I have been seriously dabbling in mnemonics at a “hobby” level for about 10 years.

However, I did get involved with mnemonics as far back as high school at the Roy G. Biv level.

It took a lot of work to expand my original 100 pegs to a custom set of 400.

Yet, even here at age 69, it is still an “investment” of my time well worth the effort !

I am a retired State Government Lawyer …
…life-long learner… that will use these pegs on a regular basis as I continue learning new things every day.

commenting from outside a very small town in an extremely rural part of the State of Mississippi, USA