Memory Palaces: Number of Locations per Room?


I am a beginner who is at the stage of creating memory palaces. I have created a few and used them with great success, but as I am creating more and more a question sprung in my head that I can not answer on my own.

The way I create memory places is by taking a room and choosing memorable locations within it. In a living room, I would take the TV, sofa, chair, art, window, door and so on. What I end up, in the end, is multiple rooms with a different number of locations. For example, the last three rooms I made had 11, 12, 14 respectively.

The only disadvantage that I face is when memorizing longer lists I have to first check every room to make sure that there are enough locations.

Is there are disadvantages of having every room unique like this, or should I aim to make them similar or at least multiples of some number such as 10/15/20 and so on?

Thank you kindly for any help!

I have found that the more different the more memorable. I try to make palaces as different as possible so they’re just like real life.

@nemotheboring You can quickly make 10 in a room by assigning each wall and each corner one (that’s 8), the ceiling (9), and the floor (10) to make 10 spots.

I don’t worry about keeping the number of locations consistent from room to room or space to space. One room might have 2 or 4 if that seems to make sense for the space and information I’m putting there. One of my current rooms has 15, and I’ve only gone around two walls; the rest of the room has gone unused.

For me, what’s been more helpful is to be consistent about how I handle desks and shelves. If I’m putting items on a desk, I’ll almost always have three items on top and one on the floor beneath it. If I’m putting items on a bookcase or shelves, I always make three shelves, with a fourth item occasionally on top. With a table, it either has one item on top or is one item (replacing the table altogether).

I tend to just go with the first locations that occur to me, and I try hard not to get too microscopic about things.


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