Memory Palaces in nature

Does anyone here have experience with creating Memory Palaces in nature? I feel some difficulty creating pegs in locations like forests or fields, for I can’t find clear hotspots.
Is it actually doable? Or is it better to avoid those natural places for creating pegs?



I have created memory palaces from everywhere like nature, houses, stores, video games, and even imaginary ones. When it comes to nature, a lot of locations/objects repeat like trees, rocks, and so on. I recommended going on a hike or walking trail then pick out pegs that stick out. Maybe a waterfall, a fork in the path, uniquely shaped rock/tree, or a river.

Honestly, creating a palace in nature is hard because there is not a lot variation but if you do a lot of hikes or trails, you would definitely be able to create a lot of pegs. I would suggest using houses, stores, games, libraries, and any other place that has a lot of hotpots going on!


It’s the same for me. Outdoor locations work worse for me than indoor locations. I’ve found that a mix of outdoor locations and indoor locations on one journey seems to work best, though, since it creates some variety which helps to prevent confusion of the different locations.