Memory Palaces - A case of overlapping

Hi Guys,

Headed in to a problem in my memory palace. Hope you guys can give me a solution for this.
Here’s what I did;

  1. Create 10+ memory palaces and figured out about 5+ of them really stood out.
  2. Used a palace with 30 locations to remember a list for the PMP exam.
  3. Using the 5 days, 5 weeks strategy of Dominic O Brian recalling method, successfully recalled for 3 days. (since the requirement is to have the items to be successfully store in my long term memory)

Here’s where it got complicated;

  1. Used the same memory palace to remember the first 100 digits of Pi.
  2. Successfully remembered, but when recalling it intervenes with the above PMP related loci’s.

I want to successfully remember both systems, and I’m scared that I will mix up the information.

What do you think I should do?

Thank s in advance.

Don’t use the same palace for long term information.

If you are memorising a list for the PMP exam.
You can then add more information to the same place if it’s related to the list for the PMP.

Don’t use unrelated data in the same place.


Thanks Erol!
I guess I have to expand more on having multiple memory palaces for long term memory decoding.
I was also a victim of ghosting which is using one memory palace to have 2 seperate sets of information, which is completely wrong.!

Thanks for the advice!

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It sucks but you have to have a stockpile of palaces! There are some ways you can get away with reusing a palace for 2 sets of information. But it is usually better to have a separate palace for everything!

True that. I have about 5 palaces reserved for short term recalls and one major one with 25 locations for 100 digits for Pi.
Have about 10 more. But, needs to practise daily.

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