Memory Palace

Good evening,
I have heard a lot bout method loci or memory palace and I was into trying it. I need to learn about 160 words from latin language which are divided into 3 groups by their gender (masculinum, feminimum and neutrum). I am bold enough to say I remember them as well as their translations. What is a bit more difficult is this gender of theirs. I would really love to use Loci to remember this characteristic, but I am struggling with creating this palace. I have tried to use my home as a place, I used 3 rooms that are supposed to hold same-gendered things. It was working quit well until I realised I need to insert about 50 things with no single common bond into one room and half of them are abstract. How can I place “coughing”, “fever”, “night” or “senility” into a kitchen? with the words that belong there like “bird” it’s working amazingly. Is there a way to add them all?
Thank you

thank you!
and what about words that have no connection or are too similar?