Memory Palace


Hi, I’m new here in Art of Memory and very interested to learn all events of memory competition. But Here’s a question. Do I need to use Method of Loci for every events? If no, what events are those and what method should I use?

(Josh Cohen) #2

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

You probably only need a memory palace/journey for events where the order of items has to be preserved.

You can also use peg lists for some of the images, like Memory League Images.


Ah, so I should make palaces for Dates/Histories right?

(Josh Cohen) #4

Are you memorizing real history timelines or made-up historic dates for memory competitions?

I’m not sure if historic dates in competitions are usually put in memory palaces. If you don’t have to recall the information in order, a journey might not be necessary. Maybe a competitor could offer tips on that.

For ideas on memorizing real historic dates see these posts: