Memory palace on the spot

I’m a fan of using memory palace but not a fan of creating it. That’s why I usually base my palaces from tv shows’ apartments, rooms, etc.

My problem with this is, I can only use these palaces for training, say memorizing random words or numbers. But when I use them for lessons, I can’t use them again for another. I made this mistake for one semester and the concepts became jumbled to one another.

Since I’m lazy creating memory palaces beforehand, I thought I should use the story method with locations. Basically a memory palace but is not structured as it is. I tend to follow the story more than the location.

What I do is I put 2 words or concepts in one location, just like using memory palace. The first one becomes the location, the second one becomes the person or the thing that acts.

With this I can have different stories for different lessons. The downside is, on first recall, you have to go to every room to get to the information you want. You cannot jump from one place to another without reviewing. I guess this isn’t best for competitions? But then I know that some of you are more comfortable with the story method.

I’ve read that Alex Mullen creates memory palace on the spot when studying or at least that’s what I understood. I just want to ask for your advice and thoughts about this.

Thanks guys. Stay safe and stay sane.

I have created my memory palaces on the spot, even though I have quite a bit of stock, I have a habit of still creating them on the spot.

The process is relatively fast (10 seconds can guarantee around 15-25 locations).
Usability is flexible. When creating them in a bout, there is quite a bit of interference handling, but when you know how to handle interference it is quite simple. Also if you don’t mind making a short list it can get you to reliably have several hundred locations, almost just as quickly, without much effort.

What I do differently is that I simply create a location, not always based on the topic. The objects and interactions are based on the information/concept/words. By quickly creating the set of locations, following basic rules for making them more memorable(15 or so), I then place objects. Then go over them, and onto creating the next few locations.

I believe I have a post that outlines this in a bit more detail: here.