Memory Palace Master List

Maybe some people will find this thread of use. It’s going to contain a master list of places online that will make good memory palaces. Google Walkthroughs, 360s, online tours, etc.

London Taxi Knowledge (Blue Book) with all 320 runs mapped out: The Blue Book

The British Museum via Google Arts & Culture (app as well): (look for the three explores)

GTA 4 Interactive Map

The Grand Palais in France:

The London of Sherlock Holmes (many 360s including 221B)

The Temple Church London UK (use your google guy and drop on the various blue circles nearby)

The Royal College of Surgeons London UK, there are 2 walkthroughs

The British Museum on GSV

There are a lot of photo walks for it. Drop your Google man in and walk around. I find the following to be a good starting place: Sculptures

If you zoom in enough you will see the different sections. (See the image)

I’ll update this thread as I find new ones. And I will be adding places with walkthroughs along the Blue Book runs.

The Great Pyramid of Giza. Follow the blue lines.

Blue Book Run 1

Manor House Station, Park View Cafe, and Finsbury Park.

Run 1 starts at Manor House Station Green Lanes N4 (London Post Codes & London Boroughs)
Park View Cafe has a walkthrough as does Finsbury Park behind it.

Regent’s University London UK

There are lots of walkthroughs around Regent’s. York Bridge is a good place to start.

A list of the tours produced by IdealSight in the UK

This site has many 3d pictures of famous places around the world.

For those who have seen the quaint British murder mystery Midsomer Murders, here’s how to turn that confusing and very deadly place into a Memory Palace:

Midsomer Map
(The site offers it as a downloadable map)

Filming Locations
I recommend using an episode guide to organize them properly.

An actual Map of Midsomer

Click on Explore Midsomer for maps and locations.

Google Maps of Midsomer Locations

Another good TV program for organizing your memory palaces is Stargate SG-1. The “Embarkation Room” is what I’m using to link all of mine together. The various subjects you keep in each memory palace can organized based upon the planet codes used by Stargate teams. (Link below.)

Planets by Episode