Memory Palace and linguistic


Hi everyone! I’m studying English’s linguistic with the all periods (old English, Middle English ecc.) and I have the necessity to remember all the phonetic changes and changes also in spelling. However, when I’m doing the memory Palace I don’t have images for the letters or some runic symbols or some ipa symbols , so I’m stucked here… Do you have some advice for me?? :slightly_smiling_face:

Ps:the name of the book is : " barber beal and shaw the english language" I don’t know if this can be an help :slight_smile:

(Josh Cohen) #2

If you post a few examples of letters/runes/symbols you’re missing, we could suggest some ideas.


Ok!:wink: For example:

“Stages of the Great Vowel Shift
[i:] > [ii] > [ei] > [əi] > [ai] (ca. 1400 – 1750) (time, sky)
[u:] > [uu] > [eu] > [əu] > [ɑu] (ca. 1400 – 1750) (house, now)
[e:] > [i:] (ca. 1400 – 1500) (see, degree)
[o:] > [u:] (ca. 1400 – 1500) (do, goose)
[ɛ:] > [e:] > [i:] (ca. 1500 – 1700) (sea, lead)
[ɔ:] > [o:] > [ou] > [əu] (ca. 1650 – 1950) (stone, home)
[ɑ:] > [æ:] > [ɛ:] > [e:] > [ei] (ca. 1400 – 1800) (name, make)”

Wynn ( Ƿ ƿ ) (also spelled wen , ƿynn , or ƿen ) is a letter of the [Old English alphabet] where it is used to represent the sound /w/.

“a > e (OE Sg. mann, Pl. menn, PG *manniz)
æ > e (OE betra, Goth. batiza)
o > e (OE Nom. dohtor, Dat. dehter)
u > y (OE fyllan, PG *fuljan)
ā > ǣ (OE lǣran, PG *laizjan)
ō > ē (OE Sg. fōt, Pl. fēt, PG *fōtiz)
ū > ȳ (OE Sg. mūs, Pl. mȳs, PG *mūsiz)
ea > ie (OE eald, comp. ieldra)
eo, io > ie (OE ic weorþe, þū wierst)”

I have to remember all this stuffs but i don’t know how to create the image in my memory palace,



(Josh Cohen) #5

Ƿ looks kind of like a sail, and you could link it to the word “wind” to remember it.

For the vowel shifts, I’d think of words with those sounds and then link the images together.


  • The shift from “bite” (“beet”) to “bite” (“bite”) could be encoded in images as a beet biting something in that location.
  • The shift from “meet” (“mate”) to “meet” (“meet”) could be encoded as a mate meeting you at that location. The last image would represent the modern pronunciation.

(Edit: by “location” I mean in a memory palace.)