Memory motivation quotes

Put your quotes about memorizing

Remember to remember
Remember like you dont have previleges to see it again
Remember like it is the most important thing in your life


Rageful poem up ahead, you are warned :smiley:

Remember? Remeber!
Remember like never before,
Remember until you can control your dreams.
Not just bed time dreams,
But dreams that you have, Ha
For through memory shall you find
Right or wrong, joy or tear,
All the advantage and mistakes,
and learn,
Learn to not repeat them,
It is why history is still been teach, and well, unfortunate pupils have to REMEMBER! :wink:


“The Alzheimer don’t pick 'n choose, it don’t care who you are”

In other words, dementia can strike anyone of any class, age, race, wealth, social standing and educational background so you need to do a Nelson Dellis, cos its the only ‘possible’ defence we’ve got besides smoking.


This is not a bad idea :slight_smile:

So here is the one I’ve come up with based on the old sayings.

“Memory is the mind over matter. If it does matter you’ll remember it later.”


I feel motivated to remember history today! Annnnnnd…its gone. xD

It is motivational because it is not motivatiinal! Hey don’t say I am wrong, you are making enemy out of the millions who believes things can be funny, because it is NOT XD

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True dat!


I know
And its gone or we need some more recall time

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How about a Motivational (in a 'Mnemonic Techniques WORK! kinda way) TRU-LIFE Story?

Well if you’re sitting comfortably, Children, I shall begin. Once upon a time, long long ago when I had hair down to my bum and a hangover didn’t last a week, I spent a rainy afternoon teaching some 7 year old kid how to play chess. I had once even made the school chess team so was reasonably proficient, i thought. I explained all the pieces and how they moved etc whilst playing the first game which I won of course, the second I won…just, the third game he dismembered me and it was clear that there was nothing more i could teach him. I had thought i was a reasonable chess player until I got my butt kicked by a 7 year old who’d only learnt to play an hour or so before. A few years later he won the junior County Chess championship or something. If he had wanted to he could have made ‘Grandmaster’ before having to learn to shave .
To be honest, I already knew the Kid was ‘bright’ (otherwise i wouldn’t have attempted to teach a 7 year old chess) and he had , what I assumed in my ignorance was, a so-called ‘photographic memory’ His powers of recall were scary and verged on the ‘savant’. IQ off the charts.
My point?
Well I met up with him a few weeks back and I told him I was learning how to memorise a deck of cards. “Oh” he says “What technique do you use? I use the Story Method to memorise looooong classical poems and stuff like Plato”.


Nice story iam really using now for learning subject, hope it went well than i learn major system lol :grinning:

“Now let me turn to the treasure-house of the ideas supplied by Invention, to the guardian of all parts of rhetoric, the memory”

Anonymous author of Ad Hernnium, introduction to the memory section