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Hi all,

This is my first post on the forum after reading and learning from what has come before me. I am from Canada, I’m in my early 30s, and I first became interested in mnemonics in university after reading Foer’s book. My experience then was “cool, I want to do that” and then I proceeded to do nothing with mnemonics for about 8 years until I re-read it and committed to practicing some of the techniques.

At present I have committed to memory a Peg system (0-100) as per Harry Lorayne’s “How to develop a Super-power Memory”. As I understand it, this is a Peg system based on the Major system (e.g. 1 = T/D = tie, 2 = N = Noah etc.)?

Also as of this week I have started my first journey through an old home of mine with 70 loci and am currently reading Yates’ “Art of Memory”.

All this said, I want to take things increasingly further and would be curious if others more advanced would be willing to provide some ongoing advice and guidance about how to proceed, especially in the early days.

Do I need a POA system? Would you start by just creating a bunch of empty journeys? Would you do something differently if you were starting out fresh?

My personal goals would be to remember what I read (Non-fiction; non-verbatim); memorize decks of cards; memorize spoken numbers; and names and faces; and poetry.

I am in your hands!



Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

There are a few different number systems to choose from.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the getting started guide.


Hey Matt!

One thing I wish I did was create more loci starting out and practice with them and that is my next step. Sometimes if I have a few games in a row I’ll see old images.

I think a PAO system would be simpler starting out I think but our top guy in Canada in is phenomenal at cards using a 2 card system. @BradenExplosion
My 00-99 system is based off the major system but sometimes I ignore it a bit(Michael Jordan is 23, Wayne Gretzky is 99)

Also, there’s some matches going on tonight and tomorrow, you will see even the top players have a lot of different methods. I think you need to find what works best for you. For example, in my PAO system a lot of the times I will PAP instead. Feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions or ever want practice.


Hey Don,

Thanks for the thoughtful response!

You mention the PAO system for cards; would you develop one PAO system for playing cards and separate one for numbers? Or do you create a PAO system from, say, 0-99 and then just habitually associate playing cards with numbers 1-52?

I’m going to try and check out those matches! Last night I watched the netflix documentary on the world memory championships which was pretty cool.

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There will be more required for cards. I go in different categories.


Hearts- Friends/Family
Diamonds- Celebrities
Clubs- Wrestlers
Spades- Pokemon


00-09- Friends/Family
10-19- Sports players (try to mix up the players, I have a soccer player, 2 hockey players, 2 football players(different positions), a swimmer, tennis player, runner, basketball player and a baseball player)
20-29- Wrestlers but Michael Jordan is 23
30-49- Pokemon
50-59 Celebrities
60-62 Fantasy Characters
63-74 Clash of Clans characters
75-79 DragonballZ characters
80-89 Nintendo characters (not pokemon)
90-99 Miscellaneous, just whatever fits. Gretzky is 99 of course.

Now you can keep them with the same numbers like my 4 of clubs is 24 because they both start with R keeping consistent with the major system. Though for my family I have us in chronological order.

Some of those may sound silly, but that’s kind of the point to me. The more ridiculous something is the better.

Like if I get 057601, Thats a visualization of me hitting my dad with a Kamehameha. Or maybe I’ll get 052703 and chokeslam my sister. Good times. Get creative.

I am actually working on changing my system because I believe my images are too complex to create at an elite time. With that said, I believe a beginner could grasp this concept and start to progress really fast.

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I discovered memory training last year because of that documentary. I couldnt believe it and tried for myself. I could then memorize a deck (took me 10 mins lol), but was mindblown

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Obviously you can and probably should pick different categories depending on your interests

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