Memory League - Training Level ( access to all successful levels )

I am currently practicing in numbers level 4.

It would be nice if I could select, level 1, 2, or 3 and practice being successful rather than practicing to failure each time. I realize that I can use Custom to change my practice to anything that I like but it would be faster and a little nicer for my enthusiasm if I could work up and down the levels quickly to improve my confidence. In practice, I can grab the last 6 and/or first 6 numbers in working memory and leverage it to bring me to the next level without actually using my system. Other times, I just get lucky numbers that I can outperform with. Having gotten to the next level Iā€™m stuck either continuing to leverage working memory or waiting until my skill catches up.

Unlocking the levels is great motivation but it would be nice if I could pick the ones I have already succeeded with using a dropdown box. To many failures seems to create a negative feedback in practice. The current approach ensures I get one success and many failures for each level.

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