Memory League Online Team Play, 3 v 3 event!

Another Team play, Hurray! Lets make this Saturday weekend even better with Memory League Team Play, 3 v 3!

1:00 pm GMT 4th December
2:00 pm GMT +1 4th December

Last time around were 2 v 2 Team playing held, this time we will be introducing the 3 v 3 teams!

Anyone can join that has an intress and know the basics on how to play on Memory League. Individual skill levels will be taken into consideration when forming the teams.

This will be a best of 3 Team Games (9 in total) for each round.

How long time will it take?
Assuming that 1 round will take 30min each.
Then approximately 1 hour will this last.

For the first round Matchups will be matched randomly. After that, the performance of each teams decides whom they are going to play against.
This will also depend on how many teams have shown up. Also, things may be improvised, as we go along.

If 4 teams have signed up it would look like this with two groups:
Round 1:
Team (One) vs Team (Two) (A)
Team ( Three) Vs Team ( Four) (B)

Round 2:
Winning Team (A) vs Losing Team (B)
Winning Team (B) vs Losing Team (A)

The winner of a 1 Game gives 1 Win-Point.

So, when all three players in a team has won, they have 3 Win-Points. It is a best of 9 win-points.

When matchups have been selected then,
Each team picks which disciplines they want to play. A picking pool of a total of 10 games. Each Discipline can ONLY be picked 3 times. Names and International-Names counts as same Discipline. Players can only choose what they have in their picking pool. The team decides what games the players shall play. So it is possible for 1 player to play 3 of the same discipline, if they want to.

Then each team announces what Disciplines they have choosen and proceeds to remove 1 of the opponents discipline picks.

After that is done,

  1. Team (1) chooses which player shall play against whom.
    Like: Player A vs Player A. Player B vs Player B.
  2. Then Team (2) chooses discipline.

Every other game the Chooser of players and disciplines changes.
(Team (1) Chooses Players)
(Team (2) Chooses Disciplines)

An Example from the last 2 v 2:
Team Vishvaa and Sven
Team Mohamed and Yogi

(Team (1) Bans 1 Numbers from Team (2) )
(Team (2) Bans 1 Cards from Team (1)

First game:
Sven vs Mohamed (Mohamed chooses Numbers)
Vishvaa vs Yogi ( Yogi chooses Words)

Second game:
Mohamed vs Vishvaa (Vishvaa chooses Cards)
Yogi vs Sven (Sven chooses Images)

Third Game:
Vishvaa vs Yogi (Chooses Words)
Sven vs Mohamed ( chooses Names)

Also, feel free to choose a name for your team. It could be a country or whatever you feel fit the best.

-If you are interessted and have 1 hour available, feel free to join!
Let me hear what you feel about this. And looking forward to see you there!

Signups so far:
(rafik Hallas)
Victory Oladunjoye


Last Team Playing:

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This is going to be fun

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Indeed, looking forward to it!

A fewer Memo Athletes showed up this time around, but this didn’t stop us!

For Picks it looked like this:
Team 1 Choosed: x2 Numbers x2 Cards x2 Images and Words
Team 2 Choosed: x2 Images, x2 Names, x2 Numbers and Cards

Team 1 Banned 1x Numbers from Team 2
Team 2 Banned 1x Words from Team 1

Round 1

Niklas vs Mohamed Images (0-1)
Yogi vs Gianni Images (0-1)

Round 2
Mohamed vs Yogi Numbers (1-0)
Gianni vs Niklas IMages (0-1)

Round 3
Niklas vs Mohamed Numbers (0-1)
Yogi vs Gianni Cards (1-0)

This turned to a 2 v 2 and ended up
4-2 to Team 2, Mohamed Ramadan and Gianni V. Congratulations!

Hope to have another great Team Event next time too!