Memory League milestones

(Simon Orton) #1

We are coming up to some more milestones on Memory League - the 2-millionth card, and the 3-millionth image!

Here are the stats from a few minutes ago:


To celebrate, we have a free 12-month subscription for whoever memorizes either the 2-millionth card or the 3-millionth image.

Each correctly recalled item, whether in a training trial or a head to head game, increases the count.

So that no-one knows exactly when the milestones are due, the exact counts are now hidden:


(Simon Orton) #2

The 2-millionth card has been memorized, and it happened in this rated game:!/view-cards/-L_SU9ChWyh8mUuzmWyJ

Congratulations to Selim AYDIN and S M L3 - you have each won a 12-month extension to your subscription.

The 3-millionth image is still out thereā€¦


Congratulations to both players!

(Simon Orton) #4

And the 3-millionth image was memorized by Whena in a training trial. Congratulations Whena - you have won a 12-month subscription.