Memory League May

20 days ago at images, i was 47 seconds as my personal best and now today my pb in images is 26.59 seconds still to go more . i also improved at words being 33 my pb in comparison to 27 . thank you memory league for providing such a great platform to train and compete with fun through classic graphics and great features 26_.59_sec.png
also i am in top 20 in images

Update: Pb in Images improved again from 12.56 to 12.24 and then to 12.08 (forgot to post the former; got the later today). I’m flattered by Erol’s comment. It is very feasible that I can get an even faster result eventually, because once I got 28 images in 11.54 s.

It turns out that stress is an influencing factor that one should avoid at all costs, because it not only worsens memorization, but also recall, in that it alters, at least in my case, the way I recall. When calmed, as I said before, it just seems that my mind is more prone to collaborate with me. When my mind is stressed, on the other hand, it won’t let me recover my thoughts, the images I just saw seconds ago. When I release stress, my mind starts working again. It kind of behaves like a shy child, at times.

As for Numbers, I’m starting to get around 50-60 more often and my pb has been improved to 61 just yesterday. Previously, I would only get around 40 or little more, which makes me feel encouraged, seeing there is a measurable progress. My system is a Person-Action similar to Dominic using a variation of the Major system, with the quirk that my “actions” are sort of effects or objects or actions, a combination that reminds me of the character. An observation: the speed of subvocalization plays a role here, and I have found that a monotonous tone helps me imagine my characters faster; ideally, though, my mind should be able to immediately visualize the person-action without me having to think at all, but that should require a great deal of practice, which apparently I’m just starting to achieve.

I appreciate the new influx of players, maybe motivated by the May challenge. Some of them have climbed up the rank extremely quickly (in images at least).

May 18, 2018
Another big improvement for me.
I’ve been focusing solely on images each day for my training.

IMAGES -> 30 in 22.20seconds in Training mode.
I forced myself to see if I could do it a few times, failed them all except the last one which was a very lucky one, I had 6 images left with no idea of the order, so just by pure luck I just placed them on and it was right. Never beat that yet.

However, I’ve improved since 12-May-18 which was 40.83 seconds during training.
Now I seem to get 30 images between 28s to 40s
So the only issue is I’m not consistent with it. Sometimes I can do it well fast, but other times I just can’t seem to go fast to make connections with the image. But I’m happy even with 40s which is far less than 60s that I never thought this would be possible for me to achieve. Let’s see where I’ll hit my real barrier.

I agree with “pemble760” about being stressed making you slower. Each time I play a game with someone who I think is better than me I seem to get stressed a little, and I’ve noticed my performance and results are far slower than my usual best. I think this is human nature, so I have to learn to control it and improve on that too.

I love this! I’ve already added so many points to my score, and my words score has jumped! I’d definitely seeing this through May.

Nice compilation. You rank not using points but rather ability, right?

Personally, I compete with myself, I want to see where I’ll hit my real time barrier with the disciplines I mostly practice with the system I am using.

I finally got back to practicing with images and immediately got into 40 seconds! Thanks for the incentive and the better competitor pool! :wink:

My new updated pb in images : 21.52 seconds

I’ve been practising and competing everyday. A lot of improvements with a PB of 21.17s in images. I still have an issue with not being consistent but I’m happy with how I did this May.

The month is almost over, how many was presistent enough in the month? Would be nice to see statistics on the amount of players and the amount of consistent 28-31 day players :slight_smile:
It has been amazing with the activity in here and the amount of joy that is comes with it. A few have gotten spectacular results and a few new have come here to, some with surprisingly good results.

So I can say by now that the challenge is over. But, the fun, and the training, are not!
Training trials did count, as expected. My subscription has been extended until May, adding 3 months.

My pb in images, with some previous improvements, is currently 10.69 s, from May 23th, a day in which I happened to feel really happy, and so I could perform outstandingly well. I have not been able to replicate it again (yet), but I am learning increasingly. In fact, when inhibition to imagination is suppressed, my images are generated faster. And my expectations. My imagination is volatile. But powerful. At least when it wants: it can do, roughly speaking, mechanical and semantic associations. According to my mood, it can choose to primarily use one or the other. My mind state during my pb was probably semantic, fast, dream-like associations, which allowed me to process information at a higher rate.

As for my 3-digit, it will have arbitrarily assigned characters from 000 to 999, sorted in what I like to call “domains”: columns or rows of semantically related characters. Then, each character will have an object-effect associated. I visualize the whole set as a cube with 1000 positions, and I can divide it in many ways. I can sort the positions in my mind, using my natural orientation processes. I divide it in “cubicles” of 222, making a total of 444 cubicles, along with the reminder, the borders, that will bear somewhat more “special” characters, characters that I appreciate for some particular reason.

Wow, did I go into much detail? Writing it out will help me refine it better, and possibly build up confidence, which are nice side effects. As always, any ideas welcome, and if you want to share your knowledge, or any particular experience similar to mine, you can share it as well!

Congratulations to everyone who finished Memory League May! It was great to see so many people being inspired to get into regular training, and the great improvements made.

In all, 61 people qualified for the 3-month subscription, including 19 dedicated people who played every single day! The subscriptions have now been applied, and you can check your subscription expiry date on the My Account page in Memory League. If you think we’ve missed you, let us know via the Contact Us page, and we’ll investigate.