Memory League May

Next month is Memory League May! Anyone who plays 3 or more games (either matches or training trials) on at least 28 days during the month will receive a free 3-month subscription to Memory League!

You can play up to 3 games per day for free, so you don’t need a paid subscription to participate.

If you already have a subscription, no problem - we’ll extend your subscription by 3 months if you complete the challenge.

Feel free to use this thread to post your scores at the start of the month, and let us know how much you’ve improved by the end of May!

Hi, I’m a paid member of the Memory League.
Do I have to add my daily scores 3 times a day here at this post to be eligible for the extra 3 months added to my account?
Or will the software keep tracks of what you did on a daily basis?

There’s no need to post anything - that’s just an option for those who want to share their progress with others.

We’ll figure out who has qualified for the free subscription at the end of the month.

Great idea! It has motivated me to work harder at this. I set up a 7am daily reminder in TB to get my 3 in for the day - I pause it for an hour or two at a time but I don’t dismiss it until I complete the task of 3. … started before May so I can hit May running. (Hmmm… I haven’t been able to run since 16:30, Saturday March 30, 1974 - a day that changed my life - more later. But I can bike - I have cycled more kilometers lifetime than I have driven fossil fuel vehicles) I did cards yesterday (more than 3, lost count) and today about 5 and I got this! stuart.lamonte reached level 3 in Cards 6 minutes ago. I’d been sitting in level 2 for a month, not playing every day, so I’m kinda happy about getting the promotion. Does this mean I have to work harder?? :wink: Getting tired, good night all. :slight_smile:

It is great idea for new memory trainers!

Brilliant! I’m in. I’ve been training offline with cards and flashcards, but some online timed challenges will go down well. Thanks!

Super nice initiative! :slight_smile:

Some technical questions to Simon:

  • When does a day start and end? Will it be from 00-24 or is it more flexible?
  • What timezone will be used? Considering that users don't really specify any local time settings on the website (or maybe I missed this), I assume that it might be a bit hard to get this information. Consequently, this might influence what your system flags as having performed 3 trials during at least 28 days.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Any time zone is fine!

The time zone setting is on your profile page/edit tab at the bottom. GMT-4 for me. :wink:

I’ve been practicing on images lately and got myself a nice score. It’s very nice to see my name on the leaderboard with some of the best guys out there :slight_smile:



I’m working towards beating this score. I have improved from 60 seconds down to 57.36 seconds. Not much but I think it’s still a good improvement :slight_smile:

Woohoo, Memory League May is go! I’ve had four games today, against Silvio B., and they all highlight the kind of things I want to improve.

30 images in 15.36 is okay, but so many people are a lot faster than that… I’d like to be consistently under 15 seconds, so that’s my target by the end of May. 37 words is a bit weak - if I’m practicing regularly, I’d hope to be above 40 every time. And two cards times of 25.40 and 23.16 are quite nice, but sub-20 is a major target I’d really like to hit more often (only ever done it once). Let’s see what my scores look like if I can keep up the daily training this month!

I trained today for the first time after a long break. And was disappointed that I did not reach any new level in a discipline I trained. So it can only get better! Nice idea.

I’ve been training every day for about an hour each time. I’m competing at least once a day in images with a random opponent and training in all other disciplines at different intervals.

My current scores so far;
CARDS -> 26 in 47.34s I can’t seem to beat this score. Need to build more Memory palaces and more practice.
IMAGES -> 30 in 50.00s This is the best score I had, can’t seem to beat it but can regularly get 30 within 55s.
NAMES -> 12 in 60.00s Probably the worst of all. I need a lot of improvements.
NUMBERS > 57 in 58.90s I’ve been trying to beat this score for a while but not managed yet.
WORDS -> 21 in 60.00s Need a lot of improvements in this area too.

My favorites are Images and Numbers. I seem to be better at those two. However, I love to memorize Cards too, I just wish I had more time. I don’t do binaries anymore because it’s not listed on Memory League, but I do find it to be a lot of fun to memorize binary digits as well. Again finding time to train in each area is very hard.

Not sure how I should manage my time for my training in all disciplines. any tips?
Is it better to train a single discipline until you reach the desired goal and then move on to the next one?

May 2, 2018
A big improvement today!
IMAGES -> 30 in 45.74s May 2, 2018

My highest score was 50s for images. I couldn’t beat it for a long time.
I decided to take action on Ben Pridmore’s tip for improving speed, and it was to go faster I am now, and after 6 attempts today, I managed to beat my 50s score with a new score of 45.74 seconds. Thank you Ben! It worked!

The Toucanoquantic Pemple here.

So let’s take the challenge because we like to improve ourselves up to the limit (implying the existence of such, if any).
The only category in which I can really declare a decent score is IMAGES, pb 13.25. It should be a great pleasure to see that limit pushed down under 11 s. Or less.

I am also considering the possibility of switching to a 3-digit system. I should have sort of it already defined by the end of June. Not exactly sure about how to tackle the problem. Any ideas welcome.

As for the other categories, I would like to master as a second category either NUMBERS or WORDS. WORDS seem easier to me, though. NAMES could be improved with a bit of imagination. CARDS only needs more training; a native system based on characters has already been defined. I can see the face of Elon Musk when I see the J of diamonds. It’s wonderful.

I really want to beat the masters.

Pb in IMAGES improved from 13.25 to 12.56. It should be noted that visualization improves when you are calmed, and as well when you are not distracted. However, I also beat my record again while listening to music. I have done so since I came here. I don’t really know how my brain works.

Seems like this campaign already started to pay off in terms of number of games played. In the 5 first days of May there has been a total of 339 ranked match-ups (as a comparison, there were 140 match-ups the first 5 days of April, or 186 in the last 5 days of April). I’ve also noticed that it is way easier to find someone to play with in these past few days. Let’s hope it stays that way! :smiley:

Some of the best scores from this month so far can be seen here.

That’s amazing. That’s 0.4 seconds an image. So you are memorizing 2.5 images in 1 second.
My Pb as of 12-May-18 is 40.83 seconds during training. That’s 3.5 times slower than your 12.56 :slight_smile:
I see how your mind works - It works fast! Weldone.

You say you want to beat the best guys, it’ll be very hard, but by the looks of it, you may do soon. Good luck.

Hi I have trained every day in May but today my comp. was loged out and when I try to log on it writes that a mail is sent but no mail received? I tried more than one time. What to do? Hope you can help :slight_smile:

I sent you a PM.