Memory League Italian Names

We received a request to improve the Italian name list on Memory League because there are a large number of non-Italian, archaic, and mythological names.

If you’ve used the Italian names, what do you think of the list?

I can’t say anything about the Italian names as I only use the English or international ones, but if one wants all matches to be fair, is the best way to a) make sure that all available languages have similar amount of names + they actually belong to the “country” in question + there’s the same amount of “mutations” (I believe that the amount of names was once increased by creating new ones based on existing ones and changing one letter or so?),… or b) make everyone use the international names?

It feels like a) might become a strain on you guys…

We decided a while ago that international names would be the standard for championships. Some championships recently (Japan, Egypt) have used local languages for Names, with the understanding that those scores don’t count towards official records.

I would also like to see international names used for the next season of the Online Memory League Championship, but perhaps that’s something we can discuss before the season starts.

No, that didn’t happen!

My bad, I must have dreamt it :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Andrea Muzii. I am the one who requested to update the italian names: they are really bad =)

I would love for that to be the case, certainly the best way of making it fair (but much more difficult) for all. How does it work for people using different character sets? Are the names picked from the same database and converted?

Are they mostly imaginary names? Old names? Are the names repeated quite often?

They are really old names and mitological names so not properly italian because you will almost never find alive people with those names. The database is quite big so they are not repeted very often, but there are a lot of them.