Memory League Images: Why do images need to be placed one-by-one in order?

Hello all,

I am relatively new to the world of memory training. I just watched the Asian-Oceanian Open Quarterfinal and got inspired to do some images training, so I signed up to Memory League.

In the Championship I noticed that during the recall, competitors were able to drag their images anywhere, to any place from 1-30. In my training, it seems I am not able to do this, but rather I am required to place them one-by-one in order. Is it possible to change the settings or anything to allow me to drag any image to any place?

Hope you can help me with this.

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You need to click on an empty spot where you want to put something, and then click on the image and it will jump to this place. No additional settings necessary.


Thanks Jan, for some reason it wasn’t working on my Surface Pro. Will use PC from now on : )