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I found so many people on memory league who use their nicknames and countries in brackets or the country code. Why not add flags to all people in the leaderboard? New people would like to see that memory athlets aren’t robots but real people from around the world.


An interesting idea. On the other hand, I can also see people maybe wanting to play just for themselves, for fun, and not “for their country”, in a way. So, I would be rather in favor of keeping things as they are.

Making flags optional (like on chess servers) could be a worthwhile compromise.


This is cool idea .


You can now choose your country on the My Account page, and a flag will appear next to your name.


Thank you Simon, can I remove pl from my name?

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:star_struck: :sunglasses:

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Oopsie, same here :slight_smile:

It is a great feature you added Simon. :slight_smile:

-What do you say about adding a feature which you can add an
Icon from a championship you had? Such as 1st Remote
Would be amazing to add one, Competition you endorsed,
next to your name.

Hello Simon
can you change the Libyan flag
because its not green anymore

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Simon, can I remove my flag from my name in Memory League.

The flag of india is looking blurred , I already have flags in my name , and I am satisfied with that.

you can pick this blank option


Thanks, janzon

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@zonjan, @Sylle, @mohamed22 - I removed the emoji from your username. Anyone else, just let me know.


i have the same problem please remove my flag
edit: i found the blank option ! you don’t need to do this thanks anyway !

Sorry about that - for some reason the set of flag images has the old Libyan flag. I think for now it will be best to just keep on using the emoji in your username.

who would have thought people cared so much about flags ? :heart_eyes:

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what a great idea ! We could have medals and badges depending on your scores, achievements and World Tour rankings…

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Yeah, 1 Trophy medal, as in Advancing a season. ( :trophy:)
And, :fire::fire::fire: as activity Streak =)

Hey, I played around with some flags, and now it seems that no flag wants to get removed.
Have tried countless times to remove the flag…

At the top of the list, there should be a blank option you can choose. Does that work?

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