Memory League Badges?

Hi all! After getting some inspiration from @FlorianMinges 's post on the “cheating” thread as well as from @Mayarra 's post on badges the other day, I was thinking, wouldn’t this be a neat thing to port to MemoryLeague?

The concept would be to award badges based on results and presence on the site. Ideally in an automated way based on objective criteria.

For instance, we could have:

  • High potential (when one’s PB is over a certain limit)
  • Steady (often accurate at speeds close to one’s PB)
  • Competitive (often wins official matches)
  • Clutch (wins when cornered, able to turn official matches around)
  • Natural memory (over a certain threshold at Names/Words/Images)
  • System expert (over a certain threshold at Cards/Numbers)

Maybe that would even be usable for streams of League matches, to give some context about the competitors’ profiles?


Definitely need a badge for reaching level 10 in all disciplines. Could call it “Master of Memory” or something.

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I think that one should be avoided… you already got GMM, IMM, etc… just too many xMM titles that all have different criteria.

I would love to have more levels to climb, maybe even up to top scores. For instance Numbers could be extended like this:

Level 11: 80 in 60s
Level 12: 80 in 55s
Level 13: 80 in 50s

Level 20: 80 in 15s

Bagdes could then be linked to certain level accomplishments. Just a few examples:

  • The ‘Natural Memory’ badge when you reach at least level 8 in Names, Words and Images
  • ‘Super Natural Memory’ at level 16 in Names, Words and Images
  • ‘High Potential’ at level 10 in all disciplines
  • ‘Number Ace’ at level 20 in Numbers etc.
  • ‘Memory Olympus’ at level 20 in all disciplines

Other badges could be awarded for certain numbers of training trials or rated games. For instance

  • ‘Player’ after 100 overall rated games
  • ‘Memory Athlete’ after 500 overall rated games
  • ‘Card Enthusiast’ after 250 rated Card games etc.

Maybe also countryflags?
At least for top 20


I never really thought about additional levels, but yes, that goes in the same direction as implementing badges: giving extra motivation to play! I wonder what the effect would be if we had 10 extra levels AND kept the 100pts for each level?

Any other idea of potential badges which would be a bit “meta”, based on specific scenarios/situations, yet still measurable?

  • “Making the show”: tendency to score points towards the end of the 4 minutes
  • “Speedy recall”: fast recalls
  • “Player”: going for faster-than-PB times in ranked/official matches
  • … ?

-Remember those who have stuck through since Season 1 of the League,
arriving at all at those matches that they could. They deserve a medal.

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Yeah, that could be one.

Anyone else thinking this might add something to enhance gamification and/or to make it easier to comment on streamed matches?


Season 9 Badge, for those who completed it?

-Also a badge for those who have participated in Official Competitions.


What about having Levels that match the IAM levels? There is a section for Memory League as well. Then you know exactly where you are at.