Memory Journeys suggestions to them.

Well, when you have like a 10+ journeys ( for different things) it becomes alittle bit of unorganized on which ones you have been using and which one are available for new usage. Well, the thing is that it would be so much easier and organized if you could add one buttom where you could press, which could add a different color to it, one that you could choose from. So, when you have like 20 journeys you use, you could have perhaps 4 green, 5 yellow and 6 blue.
I know the Star button is there but when you have many journeys it still can get unorganized.

There should also be a counter for each time you have walked through. So, you can count your recalls easily. So, when you have finished an recall you will be able to press one certain buttom which will add one colored dot, such as green. Then you can also decide in Journey settings.

(can provide images if that is needed)

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Hi @MemoryMasterN,

Thanks for this suggestion. The next version of the software will use folders to organize things. You can create whatever folders you want and drag and drop within or between them.

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@Simon will we be able to log in to the software via the forum password again soon or is it going to stay the way it is now (like the memory league login)?

@SilvioB We plan to have a single sign-in eventually, but they will stay separate for a while until we get to it.

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