Memory enhancement with stimulants: Differential neural effects

Human memory is susceptible to manipulation in many respects. While consolidation is well known to be prone to disruption, there is also growing evidence for the enhancement of memory function. Beside cognitive strategies and mnemonic training, the use of stimulants may improve memory processing in healthy adults.

In a pilot study we compared 20 mg methylphenidate (N = 13), 200 mg modafinil (N = 12) or 200 mg caffeine (N = 14) using the memory task we previously used in our studies with mnemonic training.

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Till mid-november 2021 it is open access, than it will be behind a paywall.


Do you believe there would be any difference in performance with memory athletes? I am assuming these adults were regular people with no memory training. That would be cool to see…

I also foresee myself citing your papers on my assignments in the future :slight_smile:

I know few of my friends who take Modafinil to stay focus and increase their concentration for longer period of time. That result to indirect memory enhancement. I read about it little bit and found that its effect is different for each individual in terms of side effects but mostly it’s not harmful.

Your article is not open to read. 30 sept

Please try this link:

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