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I’d seen a few people mention Dominic O’Brien here, I’ve just found and purchased “You Can Have an Amazing Memory” as an ebook for £3.99 at Waterstones.

I’d also recently purchased
How To Be Clever By Ben Pridmore, again for £3.99 from Lulu.

I intend to come back to this thread with other ebooks as I find them, and likewise would appreciate links that any of you find.

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There’s also a list of memory books here, if you haven’t already seen it:


Thanks Josh, I’d seen your list which is why I picked up the O’Brien and Pridmore books.

As well as the above I’ve:
Moonwalking with Einstein which reignited my interest in memory.

Mind Maps for Business by Tony Buzan, (which I haven’t actually read yet despite having it for two years or so!)

Also, Tony Buzan’s Speed Reading Book (unfinished, but I did the first half about three years ago and my reading speed improved).

I picked up Master Your Memory by Buzan in a charity shop a while back, but it’s awful. Essentially he describes the Master system then turns that in to the “Self Enhancing Master Memory Matrix (SEM3)”. Sigh. From there on in are just lists of stuff you can populate your SEM3 with, such as the birth date, death and nationality of many authors, composers, artists. The core information in the book is a measly five or so pages.


Any updates?


Liamvictor, If you go to you will find an assortment of memory related books. One book can be seen at