Memory differences between men and women?

I’m not sure what to make of it, but here is a study that is making the rounds:

Why women are better at remembering than men

Researcher Liana Palermo, of Birmingham’s Aston University, discovered that women were better than men at remembering to perform future tasks that were linked to events.

Women outperform men in remembering to remember

The study of gender differences in prospective memory (i.e., remembering to remember) has received modest attention in the literature. The few reported studies investigating either subjective or objective evaluations of prospective memory have shown inconsistent data. In this study, we aimed to verify the presence of gender differences during the performance of an objective prospective memory test by considering the weight of specific variables such as length of delay, type of response, and type of cue. We submitted a sample of 100 healthy Italian participants (50 men and 50 women) to a test expressly developed to assess prospective memory: The Memory for Intentions Screening Test. Women performed better than men in remembering to do an event-based task (i.e., prompted by an external event) and when the task required a physical response modality. We discuss the behavioural differences that emerged by considering the possible role of sociological, biological, neuroanatomical, and methodological variables.

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I will not read the articles, I will just agree with the scientificness of that ^^
Beware as I will beat you all in some championship! In a few years, when you are old.

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That’s what I was looking for… :slight_smile:

I didn’t look closely at this yet, but just stumbled across it: