Memory Demonstration

Hey guys,

I am sure a few of us do memory demo’s for friends or professionally. I wanted to share with you a few tips, and ideas around the demo I do for my classes. In it I have people come in and fill up a large board with numbers and while they take a memory test I memorize the sequence and then I show them I can recite it back from Memory.

A few things I do when I designed this

  1. Do 80 digits, not less or more. Less than 80 is still impressive but I found 80 allows me to go normal, go fast, stop and appear to forget etc. It’s an act. Over 80 is way way too long to recite and it gets boring IMO
  2. I make sure to make lines on the paper beforehand and ask people to fill in the spots, this means I control where they put the numbers and accommodates my system.
  3. I make sure to write large enough that the entire page gets filled up, the visual impact is greater if you have a massive board with no space left, do not write the numbers so small they do not use up the entire space.
  4. I close my eyes and draw with my hand to add some visual flair to my performance, you will also see a point when I go very fast in the middle, this is a moment of amazement for people as it seems to be numbers just streaming from my mind. Then to create tension on the last line I stop, and I appear to struggle to give the impression I forgot and to build up suspense as I rattle of the last few. Trust me this works.
  5. When you finish (this is a tip from my career as a magician) you turn to the people you clap your hands together once as you slightly bow and people will naturally react by clapping. This is an old magicians trick and never fails, even some magicians never get applause but it’s very easy if you do this one simple trick.
  6. As soon as the applause end I make the joke statement “Any Questions?” Always gets a laugh and this is in my opinion a great way to start a class on memory, applause and laughter.

Ok guys let me know your thoughts and opinions and I hope you’re able to use some of this whenever you decide to a memory demo



Thanks, I’m going to try that tip on encouraging applause next time. :slight_smile:



Yea if you watch the video everyone immediately claps right after I make the noise and do the bow. The woman on the right even had her hands crossed but the second she heard my clap she instinctively clapped, it almost always works. I have never not had it work, but I suppose there’s a first for everything ha ha

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It sounds like a great idea. Audiences probably sit there wondering if they should clap but they don’t want to be the first person to do it. :grinning:

Do you know of any books or resources on improving performance or did you just pick it up through experimentation?