Memory Craft by Lynne Kelly

Thank You! I would very much like to buy the digital version when it comes available in Finland, Europe.


Same here! Although I’ve preordered the physical book from BookDepository (it was shipped from Australia yesterday), I’d very much like to have it in digital form as well for mobile e-reading.

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Thank you Josh

I love this community. I’ve found this forum two months ago. I’ve found it useful and read all your post as well as others like batman and r30. I was thinking the forum was dead. But it’s not!!!


For memory purposes, real books are superior to digital.

Reading a real book in your hands is a physical journey from one page in the book to the next and finally to the end. Your consciousness will automatically track your physical progress and order your memories of the book accordingly.

Everyone has experienced wanting to look something up that they have read in a book and having some idea where to physically open the book to start looking. Was it in the first tenth of the book or the last third? We usually have some idea of where we first saw it. We track its location physically because we have a physical object in our hands that we move through.

In digital, the journey is conceptual only. There is no sense of having turned only a few pages or most of them. We can’t even memorize page numbers to go with the information if we want to because page numbers are not fixed.

With digital there is no physical continuity. Page content and numbers will vary depending on the device, operating system, screen resolution, browser, default font and any display modifications we have made (and forgotten about) to the device.



It sounds like a very interesting - and useful - book, Lynne. I’ve just ordered a copy from the Book Depository (for despatch to the UK) and look forward to reading it.

Hope it sells well!


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just got ur first book on amazon gonna read it before this one. cant wait to open it!

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Thank you James. It is into reprint within a week, so it is selling really well. Thank you for your contribution to that! I do hope that you enjoy it.


Hi MemberBerries,

The two don’t have to be read in order. They are independent, but I am delighted that you are going to read The Memory Code.

I do hope that it lives up to expectations!



Hi Lynne,

By “North American edition”, do you mean that the book will be different? Or just a different publisher? If different, can you say what the differences will be?


Hi Magicspeller,

The book contents won’t be different at all. You’ll possibly even get British spelling as we use in Australia. But Pegasus Books usually change the cover.

I just checked on, and there is a cover! So new cover and hardback, while the Australian one is soft cover:


Thank you, Lynne.

No problem with British spelling; I grew up in Canada, so either way is fine. :wink:

Hi Lynne,

today I got a refund from Book Depository for this book, without notice why.

I ordered it on June 11. Is it out of print or not avaiable for my country?

I live in germany.

Thanks for any answer.


Same here. I got a refund from the Book Depository without explanation. I sent an email to them but no reply yet.

My address is in the US.


I’m in the US and ordered Memory Craft from Book Depository on May 19. Their website says it was dispatched from Australia on June 6, but doesn’t provide any additional information. Hopefully the book will arrive soon and they’re not going to pull a refund out of thin air at the last minute. Once I know more, I’ll post an update. :crossed_fingers:

The Book Depository sent me a list of questions today about my order. I did contact their support staff and change my delivery address immediately after I ordered so that could be some of the problem. However, their support staff responded that it was fine to change the delivery address in that manner and that there was no need for me to cancel and reorder with the new address. We’ll see.

I have asked my publisher what is happening with Book Depository. Seems the sales have exceeded all expectations. They have rapidly reprinted but Book Depository seems to have decided that even their next order won’t cover orders in the system, or something like that hence the emails you are getting. I am assured they will have stock by the end of the week.

Even the Australian sites and many bookshops sold out, but they are starting to get stock again. I should be delighted by the sales but I am actually disappointed that this has happened.

I also wish the North American edition and digital book would be available earlier, but there is nothing I can do about that.

Tomorrow I go to the recording studio to work with the actress who is doing the audio version.

I will never understand the publishing industry. I’ll stick to memory fun.



P.S. hopefully the interest in the book will turn lots more people to the memory games!



The Book Depository told me that I could re-order but it is very likely that the order will be cancelled again because the book is not in stock. I live in Bangkok. There are several English language book stores in town but none have Memory Craft as of yet. Hopefully, they will distribute it here before the do in the US.