Memory champion memorizing a deck of 52 cards with the PAO System

2x world memory champion, Johannes Mallow, tries to memorize a deck of cards with a PAO system (first attempt).

I’m in memory sports since 2004. I already memorized a deck of 52 cards in under 20 seconds. Now, inspired by World Champion Andrea Muzii, I’m finally going to give the Person-Action-Object system (PAO) a shot.

How many attempts will I need to memorize a deck of 52 cards perfectly in 60 seconds or less? Write your guess in the comments and win a free 20 minutes online coaching.

I set these rules to myself:

  • After this attempt in this video (Date was May 30th), I will go for the 60s every single time and try to improve the number of correct cards until I reach 52.
  • I will not do any other kind of training on the system.
  • I will record every attempt, even if the attempt is a big fail.
  • I’m allowed to modify my chosen images if they don’t work for any reason
  • The number of attempts each day will be around 5-10

It looks like you viewers can win a free coaching session too if you leave a guess in the YouTube comments.


My guess is;

105 attempts.

I’ve also entered 105 on his youtube video.

It’ll be interesting to see how close or away I am :slight_smile:


Here’s the result.


I was so close! But not close enough :slight_smile:

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