Memorizing words getting preposterous. Need tips and resources

Hello. I realized from a time ago that you can learn the number of words you want, but you will never reach fluency in a language just by it (maybe it is an exception for languages that have a similar grammar structure than one you already know or in case you are a sort of gifted person), so here I am reviewing my flashcards in Romanian and Norwegian, missing them repeatedly, confusing some of them with German; confusing colors (e.g using “green” in German for Norwegian), country names, and food names, and that is frustrating. I would like to know ways to build a solid conversational basis languages. Actually my approach towards memorizing words in a language other than reading and listening to songs given by the fact I am too afraid to do that. Is there any screening platform in which you can join random video chats in a specific language? In case yes, please suggest me platforms that allows you to do that. I also thought about making video chats with people, but what would I talk about with them? I am too coward to show my face, I speak like a robot, specially when not comfortable, and I do not know how to converse as well as I do not have anything to converse other than speaking infantile and very aleatory stuff.
I need new approaches towards languages. I actually made a good progress at Russian and I can understand some aleatory texts, but if you put to me to comprehend a Turkish text, the impression I will have is that nothing I have learned is in the text. Sometimes learning languages by memorization without a good foundational basis seems just as like living in a virtual simulacrum, like a school; you are trained for something but although when you go out for what that same simulacrum was supposed to train your for, you have a reality shock and realize everything you studied cannot be applied in practice because the way you studied was not having reality as an anchor.