Memorizing words game - is it allowed?

Together with a friend, I played memorizing words. We take turns saying the entire sequence of words, adding new words each time. We record the whole thing with a PC microphone to make it fair. She is much better at this game, I have no chance with her.

I think I’ve found a clever way though - that can only act on a given player for a limited period of time - until he counters you with the same tactic.

Can I use very complicated and long words that appear in the dictionary?

Is the other player required to know these words? How can I know what words someone knows and what he doesn’t know.

For example, words like

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Well, first of all, because it is a game, I would say that any rules that the both of you agree upon are valid rules.

However, in my opinion, I would think that’s fine. I generally have the mindset that I want to challenge my memory as much as possible, so including words that are not in the dictionary would increase the intensity of the game because it’s hard to associate that word with a baseline image or concept.