Memorizing The 48 Laws of Power

The 48 laws of power is something I have memorized, this is one of the easiest things to memorize, you can do it right after you get done with the sections on linking and memory palaces in the getting started guide. I thought I would share how to do it, might turn out to be useful to some people. Here is the complete text.

There are several ways to memorize this, as we have seen in the guide on memorizing books. Since the section titles summarize the “sections”, we could easily just memorize those, or we can add an image or two to get the wording of the whole thing. I will do this in parts of 10(if there is interest).

We will need 50 loci(locations) in a journey or a memory palace.

To start with: The title of the book and the authors - The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers
1st locus: Using the Major System we can encode 48 by filling in vowels around the consonants R and F/V/PH. Some possibilities are RooF, ReeF, RaVe. Imagine a coral ReeF, with King Triton in it to signify power.

2nd locus: In the second locus, imagine a green robber(robber wearing completely green clothing), and all he stole from the coral reef in the first locus is just some pointy elf ears (just elfears)

Starting with the rules(again, look here for the full text):
3rd locus: Include your image for 01, ie: STairs you are wearing armor which is holding in your inner brightness, making sure you don’t outshine the person above you on the stairs, who is sitting comfortably on them. You tear off your armor, exposing your talents, and he recoils in fear. You put on your armor again, and with your hand slowly transfer some of your “light” to the person above you, making them glow brightly, which causes the step you are standing on to suddenly start growing up, far surpassing the other person.
4th locus: 02: SNake; There is a circle of friends, laughing together, and each of them has on their shoulder a snake. They start saying how much better their snake is compared to the friends. They start crying about a slight insult, and then ruthlessly try to command the other friends. Now, some distance away from the group is an enemy, you give him some coins and he right away goes to do something, let’s say hunt a deer, to prove himself to you. You look back at the friend circle, and you are afraid of them. The enemy proudly brings you a deer, and you start to eat it right away, trusting him.

I am aware these are quite complex images, they are longer stories, but all you need is to review the whole thing a couple times and it will be stuck in your head. It’s also easier to imagine it than it is to write it all down.

5th locus: 03: SuMo: Inside a dark room, a sumo wrestler is trying to balance on a tent(intent). The whole thing is then covered up by a big blanket. You see him peeking out from under the blanket in all directions, but he has no idea that you are above him, when you drop a shield on him(defense). Then you float down and console him, guiding him down a path “out” of the building, while discreetly dropping smoke bombs all around you two(maybe there are envelopes laying around). Then, you guys see a different tent, and he realizes your intentions, but it’s too late, because you blank(think up of something)

6th locus: 04: You are writing a letter, and all you write on it is “No.”, you walk out of the room into a ballroom, where you go into a circle of people. As you start talking and continue, your clothes slowly reduce from royal to common peasant clothing, and your crown dissapears. You are then holding a banana(to remind of banal), describing it, while you sit down on a miniature sphinx, whose mouth is open. After pausing for a second, you just say “Banana”, which both impresses and intimidates the people around you. Then you say “is so yellow” and people start laughing at you.

7th locus: 05: SouL: Imagine people in the streets opening a newspaper with your picture of it, and your soul is attached to the picture(guard it with your life). They grab the newspapers out of a box which has a crown on it(to signify power). An enemy is reading that same newspaper, he begins to be scared of the words, and waves the newspaper as a white flag. You watch from above, but then slip and fall down to the street, and then all the people there start attacking you from all sides. (going back in time) make the newspaper made out of gold. Always be looking at it to make sure parts of it don’t turn white, and if that happens you have to violently paint them back gold. Look at your enemy’s newspaper, and poke holes in it, then the image on it changes to him hanging from the ceiling with a bunch of people standing around him.

8th locus: 06: SaTCHel: You are in a court, in the center of it, with a satchel. You are dressed splendidly, even though you have scars on your chest who noone sees. Because you are dressed so well, everyone is cheering for you. They rush to you, surrounding you, but because of your vibrant colored clothing you always stand out, and are never lost in the plain masses. Then, you hold up a magnet, which turns everyone’s heads towards it, and you start growing larger, becoming even more colorful, more mysterious(perhaps wearing a hood so they can’t see your face) and the masses around you slowly turn into a single shade of gray or brown.

9th locus: 07: SLime: You have people working behind you in the building, but you are once again standing on a balcony, with the masses below, and a servant just hands you credit cards, which you hold up to make the crowds cheer. One of the people behind you is reading books, one is making diagrams on a blackboard, another is doing squats. Imagine an ass(donkey or butt) behind you upon which there is an hourglass and a battery, which emit an energy to you giving you a godlike halo and aura. Your balcony rises to the next floor quickly, and your helpers are forgotten. Your name is written on the balcony. Then, you hand a new servant a letter to put inside the mailbox 10 feet away from you.

10th locus : 08: SaFe: Imagine standing in front of a safe, you are holding a piece of meat and someone is crawling on the floor towards you. You use the “force” to lift them up closer to you and control their limbs like magneto. Your enemy somewhere else in the room was composing a mousetrap on a blackboard, when they see you holding a bag of money, and when he comes close to you, you attack by throwing metal cards at him.

Done for now. Will resume if there is interest. Feel free to comment, link, etc.


P.S. The TV-show House of Cards(which vastly surpasses and eclipses any other political tv-show) is a great example of the 48 laws of power in action. Kevin Spacey must have read this little book every day of filming.


Love to see more of this!

I don’t know if you’d be interested in it Bateman but Robert Greenes book with 50 Cent, The 50th Law, is very interesting. It seems to cover much of the same material but also talks of 50 Cent’s rise in the hip hop world from a drug dealer and surviving being shot so gives real world context.

(I haven’t read it, but listened to the audio book on Spotify.)

Thanks for the comments(even you ajay, you may have not added anything to the post, but notified others of it’s existence)

Thanks Laura, glad to inspire. I’m not sure what matter you are referring to. More images? The moral and philosophical examination of 48 laws of power?

Felix- Sure, in a bit.

Liam, what happened to the 49th law? Might be interested, will look at it.
“Never been shot but I think me and 50 must have been cut from the same cloth” - Eminem


I just started memorizing this. You were my inspiration to turn me on to the 48 laws of power. I have been using my own pictures but would love to hear what you have to say on the matter. I have loved learning about this. As for the moral side, I believe as long as your not going too far over board your good to go. But everyone’s moral compass will be different. I will take away from my studies what I feel I need. One big thing is to always look presentimal (I have 5 children and some days in lucky to run a brush through! Hair and brush my teeth lol) and, win arguments without arguing. I always want the last word. So I’ve learned more self control and how to get people on my side without them knowing it.


More of the images, I’ve made my own connections. They work but yours seem more vivid. As for the philosophy, I’m loving every bit of it.


I’m sorry I meant to update this post but updated my earlier one. Makes me look bad. I’m just really tired.

It’s quite alright. I’m glad you’re doing this. A couple years ago I tried to explain to my mother that she should sound more authoritative and steady when speaking to my little sister, or our dog. She didn’t seem to understand. “I want that toy!” “Well, we can’t really get it, because x.” Perhaps it’s just the type of character she has.

The biggest advice I could give is: When the answer is no, just say “No.”(how very Patrick Bateman of me). Don’t give threats that you are not prepared to deliver on(ie: no sweets if you don’t finish your meal). Eliminate uncertainty from your voice(you’re not asking your kids what you should do). In groups, guide the discussion.(John, what did you think of what Martha just said?).

Watch House of Cards, as I’ve said, it applies all the rules perfectly. I love the philosophy in that show… I love it more than sharks love blood.

Presentimal? Presentable? Yes, that is very important. You benefit from the Halo Effect. “Oh, he’s wearing a suit, he must be important.”

Sure, I’ll give more images later today.


Note; Didn’t give images that day, will need to revisit this.

This is actually rather inspiring - given me something to set my sights on :slight_smile:

Alrighty everyone, welcome back to the 48 laws of power!

Link to full text of 48 laws of power.

Count out whatever locus this is(11th), and we’re starting again with the 9th law :smiley:
I’ll include the subtitle(?) of each law, without including the details.

9 - Win through your Actions, Never through Argument
(image for 09) + Two people arguing, one person stands victorious and one lost, they both get stomped on by an hourglass. (Momentary triumph). You see them again, the one who lost has red eyes and looks hatefully at the one who won. He uses a bow to shoot the other person, and now people behind him are cheering, he is the true winner.

10 - Infection: Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky

(image for 10) + You are standing next to someone who is crying, and you start crying. Next (scene), you’re standing on land next to a lake, you reach out a hand to someone who’s drowning, and they pull you in with them. You’re on stairs(or a ladder, whatever) and a person who looks very unfortunate pulls you down and you both fall. Now, you are standing with people who are also fortunate. You are all happy, and laughing.
(Note: that’s why people think rich people are snobs. But why would you associate with people who you know are going to just pull you down, hold you back and make you miserable?Look at #16.)

11 - Learn to Keep People Dependent on You
(image for 11) + You hold all the chips that people need. You are free, flying in an airplane, because you can just hand out those chips every once in a while. (Err, sorry if this doesn’t work for you)

12 - Use selective honesty and generosity to disarm the victim
To quote House of cards:
“A- What are you going to do?
B- Tell the truth…
A- You’re not actually going to-
B- Selectively.”

Gotta run,


Hi Patrick, I like you and what you are doing with these techniques.
Can I ask, how has learning these 48 rules worked out for you in your personal life?

I ask because I have recently become a fan of improving the memory and I am using it to my advantage professionally.
I am keen on only using memory palaces that have a worthwhile impact on my everyday thinking, and this seems intriguing.

I have one further question if i may.

Does the idea of having a rewrittable memory palace for recalling what people say in real time sound like something you might of thought of before?

Rule Number One: Never Outshine The Master

… does that mean I should keep my mouth shut on this thread?

(Sorry Bateman, but someone was looking for mnemonic jokes around here the other day …)

That said, to what extent do you think it is effective for people to model the mnemonics of others? Or do you think the inspiration of demonstration does as much or more than the pedagogy?

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I find it a lot easier to spot these ‘laws’, and to identify who is the one in power in conversations/relationships. I can use them if I need to. If I need to get into the character of a powerful person(for whatever reason), It’s extremely easy now. I enjoy how this has influenced my thoughts and mindset.
… Yeah, I’ve thought about it for brief periods of time. Doesn’t seem practical, nor necessary for me; I have an excellent memory for conversation. The only case where I feel it would be useful is when it’s of utmost importance to remember every detail about a person; ie: if you’re an undercover agent trying to get all the info you can on a suspect, or a ‘social hacker’.

Hehe :smiley:

I don’t know. I don’t remember ever mimicking anyone’s mnemonics, even when reading Ed Cookes book Remember Remember, which is basically one big mnemonic. You don’t get the same connections, there’s much less meaning, emotion to each image. But I do feel it’s useful to have them as examples, you show how you create examples, and they might look at how another person creates examples and decide which way is best for them.

Examples are vital to the learning process, regardless of whether the person actually uses your examples or just gains inspiration or a new way of thinking because of them. Some people here (see above^^^) really like my examples, they’re a lot more vivid than their own. It lets them see flaws in their images.,

Thanks for the responses :slight_smile:


Does this type of memorization (means creating emotions and story) affect while verbally telling those rules to somebody?
Is that actions and emotions in images causing interference while saying aloud into words?

Pankaj J

Thank you very much Bateman for the great post, i went through it several times and it is so helpful. Looking forward for the rest of the laws.

Hi Bateman, Good post. Can you check the link, I keep getting " server not found".

“The 48 laws of power” - powerful and effective to say the least !

New link:

jangaleps: I’m not quite sure what you are asking. You can’t always pronounce the laws very quickly, might take a while to remember the image, but the image itself tells you what the law is.

saqralhemeiri: No problem, glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much!

dinob: Yes, looks like it was removed. See the above link.

TheDutchman: Indeed.


Thanks Bateman. This is a very good tutorial for those of us relatively new to these techniques. Really helpful the way you stepped through the early examples, and great insight into how the pros do it.