Memorizing text literally

Good day. The question is. Is it possible to develop the skill of verbatim memorization of the text? I mean, word for word, along with prepositions, conjunctions, grammatical categories. I doubt. Because there may not be enough loci and memory palaces. But still I will ask a question. Suddenly there are techniques.


There’s quite a lot on this forum already about this. Look up ‘Lanier Verbatim Memory System’ or ‘The Art of Memorising Verbatim’


I watched his videos. His system is based on letter representation. Not based on loci and imaginations and images. I didn’t mean memorizing poetry. Whole books. Like Shereshevsky. And he memorized on the basis of loci. It is a fact. But I cannot solve the grammar category issues. You need a lot of support images, loci. So I created a thread in order to find out if the problem can be solved.

Grammar Catagories ?

I’m not sure what you mean by this. The Lanier system uses loci. The value of the system is that he’s able to store 3 images per locus, by using alpha characters. If you can visualise 2 or 3 words in relation to each alpha character, you can double or triple this. This is not a system you have to use, but it is a system that works

In the vast majority of cases, your ‘natural’ memory will fill in the gaps with suffixes and prefixes. This will not always work, it’s up to you to work out in which cases it you are more and less likely to remember the specifics. If you are memorising verbatim you have an advantage, in that you may be able to infer the prefixes and suffixes from context.

In most cases you don’t need a different image for a suffix, you can just adjust the existing one. You could decide to visualise words ending ‘ing’ as inky, always visualising multiple images for plurals etc

I feel I should point out: Shereshevsky found fiction difficult to read, as his sensory interpretations of words would often contradict each other. He also would have found it harder to get value from reading non-fiction, as he had big problems grasping abstract concepts. Memorising verbatim can be very useful, but always work out why you want to memorise what you want to memorise. If you want to understand something, always make sure you understand it before you memorise it, otherwise you’ll simply remember the specifics of your confusion. It’ll help the memories stick too.

Hope this helps

Many thanks for the help. And yet, I come to the conclusion that it is impossible to memorize the text literally, especially very large volumes, which calms me down. I can, of course, but it will take years. Here you need 100,500 loci and even more figurative codes, because one word can have a lot of grammatical categories. And this will complicate matters. But thanks a lot for your help. Didn’t know anything about this man.

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