Memorizing technical topics for professional use



I am struggling with something I’d like help with memorizing. I work in the IT field, specifically with computer networks. What I need to do, is have an easier way to memorize very technical details of certain things, such as routing protocols for instance. My plan is to have several journeys or palaces, with rooms or areas dedicated to specific things.

For example, I’d like to try a house for routing protocols, which I’d perhaps split up into a floor for each protocol. Like so:

House 1

  • Floor 1
    • RIPv1/2
      • Room 1
        • loci with facts
      • Room 2
        • loci etc
  • Floor 2
    • OSPF
      Floor 3
    • EIGRP
      Floor 4
    • BGP
      Floor 5
    • MPLS

Now each floor would have rooms dedicated to certain properties of these protocols, some floors might only have one or two rooms, it depends. My problem is how to memorize things like dead intervals, hello timers and other weird facts that usually are about numbers. Configuration syntax I am planning to memorize with SRS or mind maps maybe.

I really do not have issues with acronyms as I’ve been in this field for a long time. However, when moving onto more demanding job roles and certification exams, the need for memorizing large amounts of facts do arise. Previously I’ve been using spaced repetition and similar forms of rote memorizing, but they aren’t as interesting to me as mnemonics and memory techniques.

I’d love some advice with how to best go about memorizing all these things. I guess I should also take a look at the Major system for help with doing some things with the numbers, but I am not sure.

Thanks in advance!



For numbers look up Major System. Works OK for me. I’d start small with a few things in one palace just to get yourself used to it and work your way up. Unless you have some memory palace experience already, it is really easy to make a HUGE palace and burn yourself out.

Also even with a memory palace you’ll need some kind of SRS to review it. The palace makes it a lot more efficient but you still have to review to keep things active in memory.


Indeed, I think a palace would do great.

But like jmSmall said, review is key… But looks like you got that covered with spaced repetition :slight_smile:

My recommendation to start with palaces would be to Write Down a looot if different palaces you can think of.
You might get surprised if how many you can get.

The reason I recommend this is so you’re not afraid to take (spend) place in your active palace when you know you start a new one if it gets full :slight_smile: