Memorizing take aways from books

I wonder what is the best way to memorize key take aways from books I’ve read? I was first thinking of putting each take away on a stop on a memory journey. But doing it this way I will run out of memory journeys as I’ve read many books!!

Also, is it best to memorize keywords by converting them into images? How do I memorize a whole sentence in a good way? Any suggestions and tips most welcome. Thank you for your time.


Yes, the idea is to always convert it into images.
Once you have the keywords as images, your natural memory will take care of the rest. You’d of course read the sentence first to get an idea of what it says.

Try a few sentences with converting a couple of keywords from it into images, and then recall the sentence while imagining the keyword-images. See how it works for you.

Action-Recall. This is where you’d read a part of a book, or a page, and summarise it in your own words as if you are teaching to another person.
And write down the keywords of your summary, and convert them into images.

Mind-Maps. You can put the keywords into a mind map, and place it on the chapter/section of the book itself you have summarised, and memorise it.



Hi Erol,

Thank you very much for your reply. Can you elaborate a bit on the use of mindmaps?

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You can always create new Memory Palaces!!! It’s quite easy to create a Virtual Memory palace!

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A mind map is a thinking tool to organize your ideas into one simple design.
It can be used for any subject, not just memorising a book.

It acts like Note-Making rather than note-taking. It aims to summarise all your thoughts on a single page by way of using keywords, and adding simple images or drawings to make it more visual, so you can easily memorise it.

I think it would be best if you did a search on this on the forum, and perhaps purchase a book, or watch some videos on Youtube to understand it well.

Let me give you a quick example here to summarize the table of contents/chapters of a book, and the first chapter.

You basically start in the middle of a piece of paper as the title of your Book you want to summarise and memorise, and you work your way up by expanding it with curvy lines, and connecting each keyword to each other.

I like doing it with straight lines because I use my PC to create my mind maps, but if I was to do one by hand on a piece of paper, I use curvy and straight lines, just depends on the type of mind-map I’d be creating.

Here I’ve done a quick design of a mind-map for summarising a book chapters, and the first chapter to give you an idea of how I structure it.

This would probably be more effective if you did it by hand. Once you created a mind-map page, then simply put it into the beginning of the actual book chapter. And by spaced repetition you can memorise each chapter by going thru the mind-map you have created.

I once created “A Mind Map Of A Memory-Palace” to memorise the kings and queens of England. So it is also handy for creating memory palaces as well!


Wow, thank you very much for the detailed reply.

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