Memorizing sub-points


Hello, I would need your help with this.

Consider I need to learn many information that are incorporate in groups (as you can see in the picture). For example, I want to learn content of book and it is in some cases divided into sub-points.

What is the most effective way to learn that?

I considered just put one piece of information to one location in my memory palace. But in large amount of information if would be confusing and I wouldn’t be able to determine to what sub-point the information belongs. And creating own memory palace for all sub-points is also ineffective because in some cases for involving one sub-point is one location enough (for example store just several words, thoughts).

Thank you very much for your help.


You should still consider having one palace for the TOC and then one palace per chapter (or section if it’s that kind of book). After that you can either use BFS or DFS inside the chapter/section palace:


It means if I would like to memorize content of book according DFS it would looks something like this?

Loci_1 = title
Loci_2 = CHAPTER 1
Loci_3 = idea 1
Loci_4 = idea 2
Loci_5 = idea 3
Loci_6 = CHAPTER 2
Loci_7 = idea 4
Loci_8 = idea 5
Loci_9 = idea 6
Loci_10 = idea 7

And according BFS:
Loci_1 = title
Loci_2 = CHAPTER 1
Loci_3 = CHAPTER 2
Loci_4 = idea 1
Loci_5 = idea 2
Loci_6 = idea 3
Loci_7 = idea 4
Loci_8 = idea 5
Loci_9 = idea 6
Loci_10 = idea 7




Well, it’s depth first versus breadth first… pretty straight forward if you ask me. I don’t see why you feel it important to memorize the chapters though. You got a specific book in mind?

If you drop the chapters above, you are just looking at a long list of ideas and DFS and BFS would be the same thing… that’s very different from the initial diagram you’ve posted.


I used chapters because of simplification, as an example of sub-points.

So, do you have more ideas about the most effective way to learn that?

Thanks bjoern.gumboldt, you help me!


What do you mean by more ideas?

…how many dimension does that book have that breadth or depth doesn’t cover? You can try outside-in or inside-out… sideways, upside-down, or backwards maybe…