Memorizing Speech Quickly before Creating Videos

One question about a practical application of memory: sometimes I shoot videos (e.g. for online courses) and I’ve found the best way is to write the exact script verbatim, and then shoot the video where I read out the words in a natural way but of course without looking at my notes.

In practice I will memorize these one short paragraph at a time, and it takes about 10 minutes on average to record about 1 minute of video, because of the time needed to memorize and the many times that I mess up by using the wrong word, forgetting a sentence, or if I didn’t like my vocal expression.

Then I have to spend more time afterwards to edit the video by removing everything except the good fragments of recording.

So… does anyone have any tips on how to memorize short paragraphs of speech (10-30 seconds or potentially more) to make this procedure more efficient?


  • Faster to memorize the sentences
  • Fewer mistakes and therefore less time wasted in repeating that paragraph
  • Less time needed to edit the videos afterwards

Thanks for any ideas!

Use a memory palace with 10-20 loci’s is the best solution. (I guess, But don’t quote me on that!)

In public speaking,

  1. use a mind map to summarize the points.
  2. Use a memory palace with 10-20 loci’s (based on the points)
  3. Visualize the entire journey and structure it.
  4. Practice the translation few times.
    and you are good to go…
    If you have certain gestures/pauses to make, have that on the same mind map and assign to a location.
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