Memorizing Scripture


Hello everyone,

My first motivation to learn about the method of loci five years ago was to find a way to more easily memorize verses of scripture. I remember watching a video by Ron White describing how, with mnemonics, you can easily memorize the names of a room full of strangers and rem with perfect recall. Needless to say I was fascinated and tried to find a way to use this technique for what I really wanted to do which was to memorize scripture.

I wanted to post this in case as anybody else who was wondering how to do the same and who may be a beginner with mnemonics. For any scripture, I use my physical house for my mind palace. Every room in the house particular catagory of scripture. The front porch pertains to salvation while the kitchen pertains to suffering. The bedroom upstairs pertains to God’s love, and so on. Using this method, I can instantly recall verses based on categories when I need them. Depending on the room, I may have six or seven different verses in different corners, pieces of furniture, etc.

(Josh Cohen) #2

Nice – do you use images for the words within the verses, or just a keyword or two to recall each verse?