Memorizing polish names - there is no sense anymore

Hello, make polish names the same like others or delete all names and play int only! There is really no sense of memorizing polish names. Most of them dont exists in our country and there is maybe 5/40 000 000 people named weird like stuff we have to memorize. And the funniest part is that our names are combination of russian,english,german and few other counteries. Most of us dont train that anymore and if we do we use english names and that is unfair. I made some tutorials for people to start training on memoryleague and a lot of viewers registered. But when they see names they say thats more like international names. A lot of names are similar to each other. Is it only polish or other counteries has the same problem? Sorry for my english i dont use it to often.
I send picture of weird names of 2 games only.

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Sorry to hear that.

We updated the Polish names two years ago and got positive feedback from regular Polish competitors, for example:

  • “Now is much better. All the names are commonly used.”
  • “They are perfect now … and finally they are all Polish!”

It would be interesting to hear from other Polish competitors what they think.

In my language, English, there are plenty of names that I have never heard of, and there are plenty of names that originate from non-English speaking countries.


2 years ago? What you talk about. My post is about new update that ruined everything. I use memory league of 1 year and thats true names were perfect. Most of them were commonly used and everything was fine. Now per game only few names are known, rest are not polish or weird or very similar to each other.

Well, let’s start from the beginning. There was an update in November 2020 ensuring that all language options have the same number and distribution of names – that is 2000 names with the appropriate weights. Before that change Polish names were comparably easier than names in the other languages (especially English), because of the different distribution – there were only about 200 names appearing all the time and some names showed up in almost every attempt. That was unfair. Because of that there were many Polish people at the top of the leaderboard.

After the change many people started to complain that names have become harder. But in the reality they simply became similar to the other languages. Now during the attempts we can see more different names from the database. What happened next is that some of the names (which we haven’t seen before the change) were not appropriate for the Polish database. They were either non-Polish, really uncommon or written with mistakes. Some of them also had the wrong gender. Therefore I have proposed an update of the database which is denoted by “The Polish names have been improved.”. After that the quality of names has significantly improved.

Now let’s talk about the present situation and possible issues. First of all, in Poland there are about 100 names in common use. Therefore many names remain unknown for the Polish people although they exist in the government database. Secondly, we don’t even have so many different names, so I had to propose some names from history and literature. Thirdly, in Polish language we don’t have shorter versions of the name (like Kate, Katie, Kathy for Katherine; we use only Katherine) – they are not allowed. But they do exist informally and we often use them.

Let’s now move to the other languages. It is common that Memory League players use English names for competing instead of the names in the mother language. The main reason is that English names are very well-known, so people find it easier to create associations. Also other databases have similar issues – there are many strange and similar names. Because of that English database seems the easiest at the moment, but everybody can use it if he/she wants to – as it was previously pointed out it has the same number and distribution as the Polish database, so technically it doesn’t matter. It is the matter of preference.

Let’s talk about what can be improved. There are still some really strange names in our database, but I left them, because it is really hard to come up with a substitution for them. Further, I found also some inappropriate names after the change and I want to report them soon. Also weighting of the names is not optimal, here I can also offer my help in that matter. Other than that I can come up with the following changes:

  • add some shorter version of the names and diminutives which are in common use (like Jaś, Krzyś or something like that), we can discuss that and decide later,
  • add some non-Polish names and therefore remove the most obscure names from the database, though there are already many of them (John, James, Richard etc.),
  • decrease the amount of names in all databases, but this sounds a bit stupid and unreliable and requires some work, so I don’t recommend it,
  • or… what else?

That’s the question. There are many opinions like “something is wrong”, “we don’t like it”, but I’ve never heard what exactly is wrong and what are your suggestions. Or in other words – what can be done better. I have presented all results of my research with the database in the Polish community, but I got almost no feedback. We can sit down and make something together, but let’s cooperate and define the main problem. In my opinion Polish database looks quite alright, we can improve several small details. Also there are about 5-7 active people in Poland who can score almost 30 names using Polish database.

And to finish that let’s talk about the names that have been suggested as “weird” (in brackets I denote number of people from the government database):

  • Renisław (more than 100) – pretty rare and a bit strange, but: there are less popular names (more than 100 appearances is still pretty good) and at least it sounds Polish, it is impossible to take only the most popular names, because many of them are non-Polish and contain letters “v”, “x” and “q”, which are not part of the Polish alphabet,
  • Flawian (10) – really rare, but not particularly strange, there are such cases, but what to do,
  • Ella (more than 600) – normal name, maybe a bit outdated (because of the double “l”), but we still use such names,
  • Ben (more than 300) – normal name, maybe not so Polish, but still ok,
  • Ewaryst (more than 400) – a bit strange, but still alright, also I have removed “Eweryst” which is a typo,
  • Filomena (more than 1000) – just a normal name,
  • Salomea (more than 2500) – standard and common,
  • Leopoldyna (40) – a bit prehistoric, but sounds normal, female form of common name “Leopold”,
  • Ahmad (more than 300) – this name is in every counry and doesn’t sound strange,
  • Oswald (more than 300) – also normal name, a bit old and out of use,
  • Winicjusz (more than 300) – normal name, also the main character in “Quo vadis”,
  • Blandyna (more than 900) – strange, but common,
  • Eunika (more than 600) – same,
  • Zinowia (10) – really rare and strange, we can search for a substitution for such names if somebody really doesn’t like them for some reason,
  • Genadiusz (60) – Polish form of some common Russian name (in the other languages there are also such names – many of them),
  • Otton (200) – normal name, a bit old and out of use,
  • Inga (more than 7000) – well…,
  • Rut (0) – very old name, derivative of common name “Ruta”, I have also added some names, which are not given nowadays, but are important from the historical point of view,
  • Nika (more than 400) – normal name,
  • Idzi (more than 500) – also normal name, but a bit strange,
  • Aldona (more than 21400)! – very very common name.

Also: in the other databases there are also many foreign names or names which sound foreign. Everything is fair because of the same number and distribution of names. Many people use English database – it is really common case (for example hardly anyone uses German database) and there is nothing unfair with that. In the other databases there are also many similar names like Kathy, Cathy, Katie or Will, Willie, Willy; we also have stuff like Lija, Lila, Lilla or Aneta, Anetta.

I’m waiting for some reasonable suggestions. In my opinion Polish database needs only little corrections and it is a lot better than some other databases.


This competition is about creating image for every strange name or about memorizing names to faces? Why it is stupid to make database smaller? In my opinion its all about memorizing name to face and there is nothing bad with having same names in every try. Its funny hearing that theres a lot of normal names in screen i posted. And who are ppl who score almost 30 using Polish database xd? OK i finish here bc i am ashamed of people who was “cyring” (like me) about this and are afraid of write anything. This competition is really unfair and chaning only few names what change anything at all.

Nothing to be afraid of! These are things that can be discussed here :slight_smile:

One important thing to consider is the context: ML tries to enable fair competition across languages, meaning that at the end of the day there needs to be the same amount of names and they need to be picked the same way, in each language.

Then the learning curve is individual, being able to “learn” 2000 names when you are familiar with 5000 names (from friends, family, movies, sports, travels, …) is not comparable to doing it when being familiar with a few hundreds of names, of course. But it can’t be tailored to the individual competitors’ needs, can it?


Aldona to akurat całkiem popularne imię.

I started using English names on Memory League a long time ago since they were more similar to the names I encounter in real life than the German names (I live in the german-speaking part of Switzerland). But I think it’s probably not as bad with German names as it seems to be (according to your post) with Polish names.