Memorizing poetry

I can’t really think of how one could memorize poetry with mnemonics. The only think that comes to mind is creating pictures from the words and putting them in a loci. However this sounds very hard since a text may be too vague to memorize and quote back verbatim. If you don’t mind, can you give me some insight?

I suspect that most people don’t use a mnemonic for every word (except maybe Gunther Karsten?) but they use a combination of images and natural memory.

If you post a poem that you’re interested in memorizing, people here could brainstorm some ideas on how to approach it.

I’ve been working on memorizing poetry for quite a while. I’ve experimented with creating word-by-word loci, but that’s a disaster. Mainly because it doesn’t take advantage of the inherent mnemonic forms of poetry itself (meter, rhyme, sound patterns, etc). I’ve found that the best thing is to work along with the form of the poetry, and most poetry uses the line as the fundamental unit.

So I put a line of poetry on each of my loci. In memorizing Beowulf, I’ve tried putting a half-line on each locus because Anglo-Saxon poetry uses half-lines as an important unit.

I’d love to talk about this more! I could go on and on.