Memorizing Pi

I would like to memorize at least 400 digits of pi for a pi contest at my school.(No one there uses these techniques. They do it by rote.) Any tips? The contest is on March, 14.

You could easily do over a thousand :smiley:

Learn the major system, make a PAO list, then think up of a journey of 133 67 loci and you’re set for 400 digits. An alternative is to think up of multiple shorter journeys, ie: 33:34 or 20:20:27

You can learn all this in the getting started guide. After reading that, if still confused about PAO, read this.

Tell us if you have any more questions


I usually tend to make my loci too big.Do you have any tips for making them smaller?

Imagine yourself as an ant. Or a cat.


Ok. I’ll see if that works. How many loci do you usually have in one room?

Depends how well I know the room. If I only see it from one side, 5-6. Usually minimum 10-12. In my own room, I have over 100, since I know it so well, and can zoom in very far.


PAO equates to 6 digits, assuming you place just one PAO at each location that means 67 locations will give you 402 digits.




Oh my god Bateman, you just opened my eyes for a big problem I have had, I am right now at 3300digits but it have taken sooo much space, I’m looking forward to trying this, Thank you!!!

You can get ten out of it if you use the corners.

No problem WilJ :smiley:

Yeah Felix, that’s one method, memorize 10 loci in every room. Easy to count, but I find it way better to use things in the rooms than corners. There are usually more places that I can find, as well as them looking less similar than corners…


I only use the corner method when I don’t know the location so well. When I know it I do as you said and memorize with things in the rooms.