Memorizing Pi using the Major system

So ive recently learnt the major system and have been trying to memorize pi and, i have memorized a few digits just the only problem is how do i speed up the recalling

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how recent is recent might me where you’ll find your answer…


The recall is in your mind, and how fast you can train your mind.


  • You would have to go to the locations in your mind’s eye, and see all the links/images you have created.
  • And slowly translate what you see into numbers.
  • When you do this more and more with more practice, you’ll get faster and better in imagining the links/images, and also faster and better to translate them into numbers when recalling.

The second stage is self working.
Because you are translating them into digits each time you practice, what happens is you are programming your mind by way of a Rote Memory.

So eventually, you won’t have to be as slow as you were before imagining the links/images at your loci, because they would already be programmed by rote into your subconscious mind. This would mean that, by repeating the images and the digits in your mind, it will be programmed to act on Autopilot.

It’s like learning to ride a bicycle. At first, you have to create the experience of getting used to staying on the bike, falling, getting up, and then eventually learning to ride it. Once you learn to ride it, your subconscious mind does the action automatically.

If you learn to ride a bike, and then leave it for a year and not touch a bike, and then get a bike again after a year of not riding a bike, you’ll have No Problems riding the bike, because your subconscious mind was already programmed to automatically act so it knows what to do.

I know it’s cliche, but there is no other choice but to Practice, and eventually program the mind to act on auto so you can get faster than before each time with more practice.


Thanks, ill start to practise alot more, and ill keep you updated on the progress

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Would you believe me if i said 3 days ago :laughing:

See… you got your answer right there. I don’t think you’ll start playing tennis and then start wondering 3 days later why you’re not playing Wimbledon yet, right? :wink:

Don’t worry… it takes time, just like everything else. Keep at it and the recall with get faster and faster. Maybe even set aside one day a week where you time yourself with a stopwatch and then compare it to the week before… and then compare the first measurement of each month to the first of the previous, too.

Basically, what I’m trying to say… be reasonable with what you expect of yourself. So, how many digits you got thus far then?


Thanks, i understand it better now lol ill try that out i managed to do 20 using the major system then store them in a memory palace, ill do a few more today

Once I memorized my major PAO system, (which, by the way, I got daily practice by looking at license plates and translating those) Pi was one of the first things I used it for. I wrote digits in a notebook in six number chunks, starting with 14, then I wrote down the “translation” up to a hundred. My memory palace journey started outside my parents house, and I got to 100 digits through their house. As I practiced these it also helped me solidify my major system! I hope this image comes through… It’s my very messy notebook, but wanted you to see my reference. I have since memorized 400 digits of pi. . ![image|375x500]. (upload://mzTXJ3jQlDo0mzInwFXv48iENJw.jpeg)


that’s helpful thanks just cant view the image though, don’t know whether that’s a problem on my end (they’s no hyper link) or on your side :slightly_smiling_face: