Memorizing numbers

Just wondering… how much time does it take on average to associate three digit numbers with images?

(So that one could memorize long numbers in no time)

Are you asking how long it would take to set up your own 3-digit system for 000 - 999? That depends entirely on you. First thing is to create 1000 images, second thing is to get fast at translating from number to image and back.

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My purpose was to know what is the average time (if there is)

If you got the time… one weekend to set it up and two weeks to learn it. After that it’s just a matter of practice to get faster.

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Depends of how good you want to get; you can always get faster. If there was some ceiling of memorization speed and some amount of time it would or could take you to get there, memory competitions wouldn’t exist.

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Hello Tony Montana,

How much time it takes to memorize 1000 images depends on your memory and imagination. If your imagination is vivid and clear and your memory also is good, then it will be faster than to someone who cannot image something and has an untrained memory.

I memorized the major system till 99, so 100 images. For me it has taken 10 days, because I learned 10 every day until I finished the series and repeated the previous ones to keep them in memory.

Hope that helps you.

Yours Sincerely.

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What are its practical/useful uses?


1000 images in one weekend? That requires some incredible dedication and pace, It’s time consuming enough to just find a decent image that matches your system let along handling the fatigues which starts to build after 3 hours or so and it becomes real slow and boring. A good mind set though