Memorizing National Flag

Hi all. I’ve just have a idea to make mnemonics dictionary for some common challanges: world map, national map, capitals…Here i am proposing to build a mnemonics for national flag, though there are some variation from each own association. I am wondering if Josh could creat a page in Wiki for everybody can give their idea. Hope that it will receive many opinions.

Great idea. I started a wiki page here:

Thanks Josh. But my IP has been blocked in Wiki page. Could you advise the solution…?

Sorry about that. What is the error message that you see? is the IP address of Cloudflare–a service I use to help protect the site. Did the message come from Cloudflare or the wiki software?

I just unblocked all the IPs that were blocked in Mediawiki. Does it work now?

Do you have a Wiki account already, or were you trying to create one?


Hi Josh. I’ve just signed in the Wiki again. It’s ok now. Truthfully i not understand how to work with it. I think it should be a table including some columns as: Flag thumbnail, Flag association/ Mnemonics (which elements that should be included in our interaction), Country Name, Country Association/ Mnemonics (I think it mentions every special elements that remind us about its country, such as: Effiel Tower–> France, Lion—> Singapore…) and Interaction. Here i am proposing the example for memorizing Angola Flag: Angola —> Gorillar use 1 hand to bring up a huge square brick made from frozen blood; 1 hand to use knife to cut up the gold semicircle. Whenever the knife comes, it flashs out a star spot… Sorry for a limitation to my english.

So if anyone can suggest the mnemonics for each country names? It will speed up the memorization.

Here are some pages on how to edit content on this wiki software:

Do you use OpenOffice? There is a plugin to allow exporting OpenOffice documents in wiki formatting:

That might help with creating tables…

Thanks Josh. I not use the OpenOffice…It will be easy to recognize the flag but it will take more effort to be able to draw it from memory. I am thinking of way to memorize…

Hello and thank you for this topic. This topic is exactly how i found your community !

I’m searching for a way to memorise flags but i was thinking about something with numbers.

A kind of code like 0=(no stripes, just plain color) 1= stripes etc.

Then the colors : 1=blue 2=red 3= yellow


It would give something like 124856 etc.

we would then just translate this string of numbers into a picture.

What do you think ?

Here’s how I developed mnemonics for the US State Flags, so perhaps this will give you some ideas:
Memory: US State Flag Mnemonics

Oh yes thanks ! that is perfect !

Are you planning to use your system for the world flags ?

I have no current plans to adapt it to world flags.

If you wish to run with the idea, feel free to do so!


Did you decide not to follow through with the project for mnemonics to help memorize all the national flags?


I was just creating a starter page there. If you want to help expand it, you could get a wiki editing account here:

I plan to use the phonetic code directly for colours without translating to numbers. With that, a big part of the job would be done. After that I should see for each specific flag how to include the rest of the details.

No need to make it hard with codes etc.

Italian flag is green, white and red.

Thinking “Green as pesto, White as garlic and red as tomatoes” does it.

Why? Since these things are things that Italy is known for.

I have most of the worlds flags done in simple manners like this. If you need help with individual flags, just ask me.

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