Memorizing names and faces


I’m new to memory training, having read one of Dominic O’Brien’s books at the beginning of the summer, read other information online (including this forum) created a 00-99 PAO (finally memorizing my children’s phone numbers!), and 2 memory palaces (memorizing the 1st 60 elements). I’ve followed O’Brien’s advice to learn names and faces but so far have had limited (close to zero) improvement and wonder if there’s advice beyond what O’Brien has offered. I will somewhat often meet 15-20 people and my goal is to remember their names, faces and an important fact about each.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi Again,

After posting I came across the Art of Memory wiki about memorizing faces

and watched Ron White’s video on names and faces. This looks like what I’ve been looking for, so no need to respond.



Thank you for replying to your own question. It helped me in finding what I also was looking for.

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Glad it helped.

Glad it helped. So far I’ve not been as successful with this technique as I have been terribly successful using this. Let us know how it’s going for you.