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I work as a teacher and I have a poor short term memory. For example, let’s say I have a lesson with various different parts; talking, reading, writing. I have trouble remembering how each individual student is doing (roughly) in each of these areas. Normally, I carry a little notepad with me in the classroom where I jot down notes, but it would be more smooth if I could store the information in my head throughout the whole day at least. What I am looking for is some technique for remembering assessment information about my students on the fly so to say. Maybe some kind of memory palace thing? Any ideas?

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Hello, sir! Of course, this can be fixed. It seems to me too tedious to write such trifles in a notebook. From the 9th grade I showed excellent mentalism and cold reading skills, and in these matters it is very important to operate with a lot of data in my mind. My work is more than average from birth, but I always wanted to increase it more. And I found a method. The fact is that now there is no physiological justification of what working memory is and where exactly it is located. Most likely, this is a thought process for which the whole brain is responsible. When I read about great people, I discovered an amazing fact, their working memory was better, but it worked differently. In fact, all geniuses in various fields relied solely on their visualization. In the studies of Alfred Binet, an interesting fact about chess players was noticed. Although their memory, including working, was much better than usual, this was not confirmed when, instead of chess, they were given words, numbers or geometric figures. What is the matter? But the thing is the memory phenomenon of professionals. Our memory works as a whole system, and long-term memory is able to replace short-term. A chess master, like a master of mathematics or martial arts, juggles whole scenarios of events. This is the secret of a huge volume of short-term memory. You can simply select a separate memory palace, where you would collect data about students. Around the room per person. If you need to remember some personal data, you can use the main system to remember the address, phone number and ratings, even for the last three years. If you want to remember exactly the action, then it is even easier, just imagine this student doing this action in your memory palace. When you go into it, you will remember this. If it is possible to memorize a number with the help of a person, the action is an object, then remembering the action is exactly two times easier. Ask again if you want to remember some other information. Always happy to help!

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Thank you very much for your reply. Very helplful! :grin:

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